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David Birnbaum Summa Metaphysica

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Summa Metaphysica* has been a Course Text at the following institutions of higher learning:

Bar Ilan University
Ramat-Gan, Israel
Gresham College
London, United Kingdom
Brandeis University
Waltham, Massachusetts
Harding University
Memphis, Tennessee
Hartford Seminary
Hartford, Connecticut
Union Theological Seminary
New York, New York
Hebrew Union College
Cincinnati, Ohio
Jewish Theological Seminary
New York, New York
Yeshiva University
New York, New Yorkl
University of California
Los Angeles, CA (UCLA)
Stetson University
Deland, Florida
Hebrew University
Jerusalem, Israel
Regis University
Denver, Colorado

* Summa I, II or III


“Potentialism proposes that there is, indeed, a protagonist to the cosmic order, but that the protagonist is a ‘quest’, and not a ‘classic entity’. The universe quests for its maximal potential. The core dynamic Quest for Potential∞ strives with purpose and direction towards ever-greater and higher potential. At the 'beginning of time’, eternal Quest for Potential harnessed the eternal equations of Physics-Mathematics to ignite our universe via the Big Bang. This same symbiotic dynamic - Quest for Potential in league with Physics-Math - then acted as a catalyst for life, evolution, language, emotion, consciousness, and, indeed, for all the key dynamics which have evolved in the universe.”



Summa Metaphysica by David Birnbaum proposes an Overarching Metaphysics:
a unifying drive and concept of the universe.

Summa Theory pegs-off of one single unique (original) concept/dynamic - Birnbaum's (Holy) Quest for Potential to craft a unified/elegant/original/powerful/internally-consistent metaphysics.

Birnbaum proposes that Potential/Possibility is 'by definition' Eternal. He maintains that the eternality of Potential/Possibility is self-evident.

The author asserts that Q4P (Quest for Potential - Infinitely iterated) captures the entire cosmic dynamic in one simple-yet-sophisticated formula. Q4P is ‘infinite,’ ‘nested,’ and indeed, uniquely ‘infinitely nested’.


To the spiritual, this Potential is the Metaphysical God of Potential:
       Eheyeh Asher Eheyeh:
       I Will Be That Which I Will Be (Book of Exodus 3:14)
       The Infinite Divine. Shadai. The Source. Holy Quest for Potential
       The kabbalistic En Sof (‘The No-End’)

Secular or Holy, the grand cosmic journey of Potential advances-onward to this day.

With Freedom - axiomatically integral to Potential - being consequently inviolate, as well.
(This 'axiomatic play' is integral to Summa's proposed resolution of the classic Theodicy connundrum.)


No flaw - or weakness - has been discerned in Summa Theory to date. (note: Summa 1 was published in 1988 by KTAV Publishing.)

Summa Theory – via its core proposed theme of POTENTIAL – handles the key classic inter-related Metaphysics questions – 
( see )

Birnbaum employs a series of custom-crafted creative concepts along-the-way
aside from his iconic Quest for Potential

These include –





Summa Theory is positioned to quite-elegantly fill-in the key gaps in contemporary science.

Summa fights neither Religion nor Science. Indeed, Summa Theory wraps-around all (repeat: all) scientific fact.

Summa Theory thus actually proposes a simultaneous key to the origin-of, nurturing-of, and development-of - the universe, life, consciousness amongst the panoply of cosmic dynamics.

Summa works elegantly across-the-board: Its cosmology dovetails seamlessly with its theogony, cosmology-cosmogony, theodicy, purpose-question and teleology.

Seamless is nice.

Respectfully, Summa Metaphysica by David Birnbaum is elegant and powerful – and fully-integrated across a wide gamut of key philosophical-metaphysical-theological-scientific issues.


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