CNN: Push-Pull

Seoptember 4, 2014

CNN: Push-Pull


In turn, David Birnbaum's delineated teleology of  a Potential-driven directional universe validates Aristotle's more general proposition of  2500 years ago.




Cosmology, Metaphysics & Philosophy: See sample testimonial on Summa Metaphysica, David Birnbaum’s philosophy treatise:


“…a challenging new hypothesis…compelling…intellectually stimulating. It took me back again to my Roman Catholic seminary studies of Aquinas. I felt again the pull of great ideas, the struggles of Masters grappling with Mysteries…respectful of the past while carefully positing new positions… His solution deserves to be given serious consideration…”

– Gerard A. Vanderhaar, Professor of Religion and Peace Studies, Catholic Brothers College, Memphis, TN

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