Core DNA

November 20, 2014

Core DNA


New Yorker David Birnbaum presents an original philosophy: The Summa Metaphysica  philosophy treatise  proposes  an original  theory unifying metaphysics and physics.




Cosmology, Metaphysics & Philosophy: See sample testimonial on Summa Metaphysica, David Birnbaum’s philosophy treatise:


“a truly stimulating and creative contribution to the post-Shoah discussion…overall direction is one that I find extremely promising… I believe it is the only sensible way to proceed… What is especially appealing about this volume is its ability to draw together new insights and the wisdom of the tradition in a creative synthesis.”

– John T. Pawlikowski, Professor of Social Ethics, M.A. Director, Catholic Theological Union, Member, U.S. Holocaust Memorial Commission, Chicago, IL

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