Part II – Extraordinariation

I believe that finding the extraordinariation in the ordinary is such a beautiful thing. Birnbaum describes that “Extraordinariation helps explain the flourishing of literature, poetry, art, music.” It is interesting that he relates extraordinariation to very common things that we see everyday. Birnbaum explains it directly and easily. He says that “EXTRAORDINARIATION is an ongoing endeavor, an ongoing work-in-progress.” As Birnbaum mentions in many of his articles and books, we should believe in potential and extraorinariation. On, he precisely illustrates that “in combination, the possible outermost-limit realization of the myriad potentials above- both the known and unknown – would define the extraordinariation goal.”

Part II – Extraordinariation 

Extraordinariation helps explain, among other things, the flourishing of literature, poetry, art, music

the thousands of species of dainty butterflies, for example

the beauty of thousands of varieties of flowers

Magnificent sunsets


Violin virtuosos

the beauty of the heavens

art in all its variations

the pull of spirituality

and, last but not least,

HUMANS – individually and collectively

with all their wondrous complexity and drives

and their emergence as the dominant players

on the planet

Like the trek towards INFINITY in math, EXTRAORDINARIATION

is, according to this thesis, more of a PROCESS, an ongoing endeavor,

an ongoing work-in-progress. The PROCESS is the deal,

not necessarily the ultimate ATTAINMENT of a specific discrete goal,

which is by definition unbounded, in-any-event.

The unboundedness of the goal with the infinite

richness inherent, retroactively empowers the leap from the void questing

with unquenchable thirst for this (unbounded) infinite attainment.

나는 기이한것중에서 아주 특별한것을 찾는것은 아름답다고 생각한다. 범바움은 기이함은 글, 시, 미술, 음악을 번성 시킨다고 설명한다. 그는 기이함을 우리가 일상생활에서 쉽게 찾아볼수있는것들과 연관 시킨다. 범바움은 아주 쉽고 명백하게 설명한다. 그는 기이함은 계속 진행되는것이고  계속 진행되어 성과를 이룬다고 말한다. 그가 그의 많은 기사와 책들에서 언급한것과 같이, 우리는 잠재성과 기이함을 믿어야 한다. 그의 웹싸이트 이곳에서 보면, 그는 정확하게 알려지거나 알려지지 않은 잠재성에대해 우리는 깨달아야 하는것이 우리의 기이한 목표라고 설명한다.