Philosophic Thought

There are many people who think that God does not exist. There have been prevailing philosophical arguments about whether God really exists or not. These philosophical arguments are not observed. They are the thought that many people view differently depending on where they live and what kind culture and religion they believe. There is no specific religious Supreme Deity.… Continue reading Philosophic Thought

Finite Man

A lot of gathering have been happening all over the world for different reasons, such as to discuss politics, education, and many other subjects. All these gatherings may be good for the citizens, because it may develop the minds of the people, which turn their spirits toward God. These good things happen because God approved… Continue reading Finite Man


There are many tragic stories such as killing, fighting, robbing, illness, abuse, broken relationship, and so on. People tend to wonder why these things happen if there’s God. This “Why” questions has been around since years ago. We learned about World Wars, the Holocaust, genocides in the Soviet Union and China, Korean War, Vietnam War, etc. And this tragedy lasts until now. We witnessed 9/11 terror, and killings in Syria. Birnbaum says that “What man calls evil sometimes turns out to be good in God’s eyes; suffering, pain, and death are the consequences of man’s erring belief or behavior, and are therefore seen as just punishments, or as part of grander scheme for the ultimate cosmic good.” Birnbaum  basically explains that although we do not see things clearly and we suffer now, at the end will be better.

I remember when I first got my driver’s license, I still was very immature. I drove very fast with my friends for fun. One day, the break did not work and there was a car in front of my car. I went off the road and just hit the tree. Fortunately, the airbag saved our lives and I was conscious and called an ambulance. I knew if I could call 911 right away, we would be all fine. We may not be able to make everything sense, but there are some truths that can engender some hope. If we follow the light, it will lead us to some kind of conclusion. We hope to be something good. I think this is why we believe in God. Maybe God allows Suffering, so that we look for God…

싸우고, 죽이고, 훔치고, 병, 갈라진 관계기타등등 많은 슬픈 이야기들이 많다. 사람들은 만약 신이존재한다면 왜 이런일들이 일어나는 것일까 하고 종종 생각할 것이다. 이 왜라는 질문은 항상 옛날부터 있어왔다 우리는 세계대전, 유태인이야기, 러시아와 중국의 이야기, 한국전쟁, 베트남전쟁등등에 대해 배웠다. 그리고 이런 아픔들은 여전히 있다. 우리는 911 테러를 목격했고 시리아에서는 많은 사건이 일어나고있다. 범바움은 “사람이 악마라고 종종 부르는것은 신의 눈에는 좋은것이다; 고통, 아픔, 죽음은 사람의 믿음과 행동에대한 결과이고, 그러므로 우리는 처벌을 받는것이고 공극적으로는 우주적으로 좋은 결과이다”라고 범바움은 말한다. 그는 기본적으로 아무리 우리가 지금 분명히 보진 못해도, 나중엔 결국 좋을거라고 추측하는 것이다.

나는 내가 처음 운전면허를 땃을때가 기억난다. 나는 성숙하지 못했다. 친구들과 함께 재미로 운전을 빠르게했다. 어느날 브레이크는 작동되지 않았고 내 앞엔 또 차가있었다. 나는 그 차를 박지 않기위해서 나무를 대신 쳤다. 운좋게 에어백이 우리를 살렸고 나는 빨리 구급차를 불렀다. 나는 구급차를 빨리 부르면 우리는 살수있을거라는것을 왠지 모르게 바로 알았다. 우리는 아마 모든게 다 이해 안갈지 모르지만, 하지만 우리는 희망이 있다. 만약 그 불빛을 계속 따라간다면 언제가는 좋은 결과가있을거라는 희망… 나는 이것이 왜 우리가 신을 믿는 이유라고 생각한다.

20.01 Problematics (pps.9-10)

It would seem that to resolve the dilemma of theodicy, one or more of the traditional attributes of God all-wisdom, all-power, all-benevolence-needs to be deleted or seriously curtailed. Traditional theologies of all faiths have been aware of the potential danger of reducing God’s attributes, and have attempted to protect the status of the deity.

In arguments used by traditional theologians, what man calls evil sometimes turns out to be good in God’s eyes; suffering, pain, and death are the consequences of man’s erring belief or behavior, and are therefore seen as just punishments, or as part of a grander scheme for the ultimate cosmic good. Invariably and inevitably, the Divine image is sustained, and it is man who is diminished. God’s omniscience, omnipotence, and benevolence can seemingly be held inviolate only at the expense of man’s impotence, malevolence, or limited intellect.

The theodicy dilemma

Birnbaum’s Summa Metaphysica adumbrates Jewish theory. Although the content is based on Jewish culture, The theory is general and easy to understand for everyone. Ever since I started reading Birnbaum’s books, especially for the second time, I have learned about the culture and history. It was very new to me in the beginning, but now I feel like I am blended with his theory, Summa Metaphysica.

When you suffer from a tragic loss of someone close to you, you realize that such pain never will disappear. You may feel why you suffer and why God allow so much evil in your life. Sometimes, you would think that maybe God knows about your suffering, but cannot stop it, or God does not know about it, but does not hope to assuage the suffering.  However, Birnbaum’s approach to God and Evil will diminish your endless questions ( at least he has diminished my endless questions about God and Evil).you know that the existence of God does not vanish.

Birnbaum in this book describes the theodicy dilemma:

  1. If God is omnipotent, omniscient, and all-merciful, why does (gross) evil befall the innocent, e.g., infants?
  2. If God is all merciful and omnipotent, why does evil exist at all?

He consists that “Answers to the first element of the dilemma will lead us to follow up and inquire as to the ultimate purposes of man; answers to the second element of the dilemma will lead us into inquires regarding the origins of the cosmos.”

범바움의 수마 메타피지카는 유태인의 이론을 요약한것이다. 유태인 문화에 대한 내용이 담긴 책이긴 하지만, 그 이론은 대체로 일반적이고 모두에게 이해하기 쉽다. 내가 범바움 책을 읽고 난후로는, 특히 두번째로, 나는 그것의 문화와 역사를 많이 배웠다. 이것은 시작할땐 나에게 아주 새로웠다. 하지만 지금은 잘 이해하고있다.

당신이 당신과 친한 누군가를 잃어서 아주 고통스러운 슬픔에 빠졌을때, 당신은 아마 그 고통이 절대로 없어지지 안을거라고 생각 할지 모른다. 당신은 아마 고통을 왜겪을까 신은 왜 내삶에 많은 악마를 들어오게 하셨을까 라는 질문을 하기 시작할지 모른다. 가끔 당신은 신은 당신의 고통을 알지만 멈출수 없다거나, 신은 그것을 알고있는데, 도와주지 않는다고 생각 할지도 모른다. 그러나, 범바움의 신과 악마의 이론은 그 수없이 많은 질문들을 풀어줄 것이다.

범바움은 딜레마를 이 책에서 묘사했다.

  1. 신은 아주 신비로우시고, 자비 우신데, 왜 악마는 순수함을 떨어뜨리는가?
  2. 신이 신비로우시고 자비 로우시다면 왜 악바라는 자체가 존재하는것일까 ?

범바움은 그 첫번째에대한 딜레마는 우리를 팔로업 하고, 우리의 사람의 궁극적 목적을 추구 한다고 한다. 두번째로는 그 딜레마가 우리를 우주의 기초에대해 연구한다.

The two key (spiraling) SUPRA-DYNAMICS Part II

I always convince myself that I should not wait for the miracle and perfect moment, Instead, I should take the moment and make it special. For almost all my life, I have lived in my head. I always have dreamed of a utopia that something amazing could happen someday. Examples of that “someday” are achieving the perfect career for me, being in a compatible relationship, having wonderful family, and being completely fulfilled with every aspect of my life. That “someday” for me has two different aspects: one is a refuge for me to hope something for the future, and the other one is a worrisome that made me feel empty everyday, because I just hope for something but never get it. However I have realized there are ways to find fulfillment and advancement. Birnbaum says that Quest-for-advancement and Quest-for-Fulfillment both are  “equally extraordinary.” To find them, you should love the present moment and appreciate it, find the blessings in the current situation, understand that there is no such a magical moment that will save you.  Looking for advancement and fulfillment are important in life. Birnbaum says that “Quest-for-Fulfillment simultaneously embraces emotion, spirituality, creativity, relationships, sensuality, hopes & dreams, and so on.”


Part II 

BOTH are infinitely recursive

(tracking forward to the end of time and indeed, maybe looping around infinity right back through Creation and then back upon itself

is infinitely OUTWARD-bound

Quest-for-Fulfillment, is infinitely CORE bound

all embracing

embracing all the dynamism and emotion of the cosmos

and attempting deep, deep multi leveled fulfillment

On a human level, which we POSIT parallels the cosmic



simultaneously EMBRACES emotion / spirituality / creativity /

relationships / sensuality / hopes & dreams / among other

components, while buffering DRIVE and AGGRESSION

The implications of all-of-the-above are, of course, stunning

As but one example, albeit a powerful one, the wondrous and

bountiful beauties and variety of the planet, and, indeed, of the

cosmos, serve, as well, both as potential fulfillment for the

senses and as potential objects, in one area or another, for


Thus I started out the Treatise in Book #1 with ONE PRIMARY


On closer examination, this one dynamic is comprised of first,

two primary interwoven spiraling threads, (themselves each

comprised of….)

which, as a shorthand, for the various respective packages

of potentiality they embrace, we’re calling, respectively




co-equal, but with 2 different tilts

Independent, but co-dependent simultaneously

Both equally extraordinary


나는 항상 내스스로한테 미라클같고 완벽한 순간을 기다리지 말고, 그대신 내가 순간들을 특별하게 만들어야된다고 말한다. 나는 내 상상속에서 산다. 나는 항상 언젠가 특별한 순간이 일어나는 유토피아를 꿈꿔왔다.  그 언젠가에대한 예는, 완벽한 직업, 맞는 인연, 아름다운 가족, 그리고 내 삶에대해 완벽하게 만족하는 삶을 꿈꾼다. 그 언젠가는 나에게 두가지 다른 의미를 가지고있다. 하나는 내가 미래에대해 무언가를 희망할수있는 도피처이고, 다른 하나는 매일 내가 아무것도 얻지를 못했기 때문에 비어있는것 같은 느낌을 주는 걱정이다. 범바움은 향상에대한 질문과 만족에대한 질문 모두다가 같이 기이하다고 한다. 그것들을 찾기 위해서는 당신은 현재 순간을 사랑하고 존중해야 하고, 현재 상황에서 행복을 찾아야하고, 당신을 구해줄수있는 매직같은 순간은 없다는것을 이해 해야한다. 향상과 만족은 우리삶에서 중요하다. 범바움은 “향상에대한 질문은 감정, 정신성, 창조성, 관계, 관능성, 희망 & 꿈들.”

The two key (spiraling) SUPRA-DYNAMICS

Birnbaum says that both advancement and fulfillment are interlinked in the universe, and they are important in life. We see a situation that shows about how great to achieve advancement and fulfillment. For example, we tend to believe that high-potential employees earn the opportunity for advancement. If there’s advancement, we feel fulfilled. These two are linked together. High-potentials sustain their power by holding themselves accountable, which helps them grow and become a leader faster. Birnbaum describes it as “rocketing-forward ensemble to Infinity.” I like the way he illustrates and plays with the words that we need to understand the most.

The two key sub-components of Quest for Potential

Note that both





sui generis,

each thoroughly unique in its own way

Both are SUPRA-Dynamics

in a plane and class by themselves

Interlinked in a cosmic double-helix;

rocketing-forward ensemble to Infinity

pulsating with infinite energy and dynamism and internal tension

independent and inter-dependent alternatingly

feeding-off of each other’s Infinitude and un-quenchable cosmic appetites

locked in eternal embrace and stylized pulsating dance

the ultimate Cosmic Tango (as noted prior)

seeking consummate POTENTIAL

범바움은 향상과 만족은 우주에서 서로 연관되어있고, 그것들은 삶에서 중요하다고 말한다. 우리는 종종 향상과 만족을 얻는것이 얼마나 좋은지를 보여주는 상황을 마주친다. 예를들어, 우리는 높은 잠재력을 가지고있는 직원이 향상에대한 기회를 가진다고 믿는다. 만약 향상이있다면 우리는 만족감을 얻는다. 이 두단어는 서로 연관되어있다. 잠재력이 높은 사람들은 그들스스로를 지지할수있는 힘을 가지고있다. 그 힘은 그들을 좀더 빨리 발전하고 리더가 될수있도록 도와준다. 범바움은 이것들을 “무한함에대한 로켓같은 전진”이라고 표현한다. 나는 범바움이 이 두단어를 가지고 우리가 가장 중요시해야할 단어들을 잘 설명한다고 생각한다.

Notes by KHALIL

People tend to seek ideals and development of their potential. Birnbaum explains how the cosmos also seeks for the same things that we look for. This blog mentions the notes by Khalil. It explains what “I WILL BE,” which I mentioned in the previous blog, really means and where the origin is from. My favorite sentence here is that “the initial absence of fulfillment sensed by the pre-cosmos that was so inherently, viscerally abhorrent just as an absence of love is abhorrent to an individual.” I think the initial absence means that when we first born, we did not know anything. We are not perfect at all, but we learn everyday, and I respect people put effort on something although they are not perfectly good at it.

Notes by KHALIL

I WILL BE A: G-d is only asked directly to identify Himself by name one time in the Tanach. And He answers twice. In Exodus 3:14 G-d identifies Himself as both I will be that which I will be and then, in the same verse, more concisely as I will be. The importance of this revelation is clear from the Biblical context, but what does it mean?

I WILL BE B: The context of the dialogue between Hashem and Moses is almost as important as the dialogue itself. Moses poses his question to G-d on behalf of the Jewish slaves (he will ask to know G-d for his own sake while atop Mt. Sinai, Exodus 33:!3). According to the Midrash, the Jews at this point were at a historically low spiritual level. And liberation is imminent. It is therefore clear that the potential of the Jews (a spiritually deprived people on the verge of redemption) at this moment was maximal, and it is not a coincidence that G-d identifies Himself to the Jewish slaves via Moses at this moment, as I will be.

Proto vacuum: Just as the individual seeks elevation in the framework of Q4F, so does the cosmos. It was therefore the initial absence of fulfillment sensed by the pre-cosmos that was so inherently, viscerally abhorrent just as an absence of love, for example, is abhorrent to an individual. The result was a resolute in the form of creation, a Ia Solomon Birnbaum formulation, noted in the text, that the void could not take it anymore.

사람들은 그들의 잠재력을 발달 시키려고 노력한다. 법바움은 이 우주도 우리와 같은것을 찾는다고 말한다. 이 블로그는 Khalil가 쓴 노트를 언급한다. 이 노트는 “내가 될거이다” 라고 내가 전 블로그에 포스팅 한것을 설명하고, 그것이 어떠한 의미를 가지고있으며, 어디서 부터 시작했는지에 대해 설명한다. 내가 제일 조아하는 구절은 “초기에 성취감이 없다는것은 개개인에게 사랑이 없다는것과 같다. 하지만 우리는 완벽하지않다. 나는 아무리 완벽하지는 않지만 열심히 무언가를 얻기위해 노력하는 사람들을 정말로 존중한다.


KHALIL가 쓴 노트

나는 될것이다 A;  G-d는 오직 스르르로를 확인하기 위해 이름을 타난취에서 한번만 불렀다. 그리고 그는 두번 대답했다. 엑소더스 3:14에서 G-d는 그 스스로를 되는 될것이고 그다음 될것이다라고 두개 다 불렀다. 같은 복에서, 좀더 명백하게, 내가 될것이라고. 이 사실의 중요성은 성경책으로부터 명백하다, 하지만 무슨 의미인가 ?

내가 될것이다 B: 하셰미와 모세사이에서 이러난 이 대화의 내용은 이 대화 그 자체만큼이나 중요하다. 모세는 G-d에게 유태인의 노예를 대신해서 그의 질문을 물어본다 ( 그는 G-d를 알기위해서 물어볼것이다라고 엑소트 33:3에서 말한다.) 미드라쉬에 따르면, 이 부분에서 유태인은 역사적으로 낮은 영혼의 레벨을 가지고있다고 한다. 그리고 G-d가 그 스스로를 유태인 노예에게 알리기위한것은 우연이 아니다라고 말한다.

프로토 진공: 각 개개인은 Q4F에 대한 구상에대해 향상을 찾는다. 그리고 우주도 그것을 찾는다. 처음에 우주전에의해서 감지된 성취의 부재는 아주 사악하다, 예를들어 사랑의 부재만큼이나 사악하다. 그 결과, 창조의 확고함이 나타나고, 택스트에서 표기되었고, 그것을 더이상 받아드릴수가 없었다.

Part III – Extraordinariation

Have you ever thought about what it would be like to live an extraordinary life? Have you ever hoped you are something very special and extraordinary? Even if you are not experiencing your ultimate potential right now, you should understand that there are a lot more beyond you. You probably recognize Birnbaum’s theory: Potentialism, by now. Birnbaum believes that everyone has that extraordinary potential that is part of who you are. The potential what you can become and what is possible. Birnbaum describes in his books that “we are in the midst of cosmic Potential storm; Consequently we see individual tress, as opposed to the forest as-a-whole.” Most people do not read personal development blogs or seek inspiration or motivation to encourage your daily life. But, since I started getting close to Birnbaum’s theory and books, I remind myself everyday of my potential and “extraordinariation.”

Part III – Extraordinariation  

This work here proposes that EXTRAORDINARIATION in concert with the bootstrapping quest there QUEST for POTENTIAL is the hitherto elusive couplet holy grail of metaphysics.

Like two complementary overarching super-dynamic tornadoes, hypothetically linked at their epicenters, these two intertwined dynamics propel the cosmos forward.

Connect-all-the-dots and you will sense better what I am articulating.

We are in the midst of the cosmic Potential storm; Consequently we see individual trees, as opposed to the forest ( Quest for Potential) as-a-whole.

All the billions of components and themes dovetail into these intertwined super-dynamics (Quest for Potential/Extraordinariation).

We prefer to maintain them as a couplet, as opposed to merging them into one concept Quest for Extraordinariation, as that would not truly be on-the-mark.

On an individual level, we quest for potential, and, in rare cases, for potential which is extraordinary.

On an ongoing cumulative level, the quest is ultimately for the extraordinary.

EXTRAORDINARIATION and its inexorable voracious hunger for variety and drama, as well casts a wide net including Predator / Prey …..with all the unending brutality entailed, as well. This is philosophically difficult to deal with. Drama in all its permutations, may be cosmically desired. Sof-Kol-sof (after all has been reviewed and weighed), it would seem that DRAMA has its place in the pantheon of cosmic imperatives.

(Maybe Khalil can get me out of this one : )


[EXTRAORDINARIATION is inter-related with…..]

당신은 기이한삶을 살아보면 어떨까 라고 생각해 보았나? 당신은 당신이 아주 특별하고 기이 했으면 어떨까 라고 생각해 보았나 ? 당신이 지금 당장 궁극적인 잠재성을 경험하지 못 했을 지라도, 당신의 뒤엔 무궁 무진한것들이 있다는것을 알아야한다. 당신은 아마 지금쯤 범바움의 이론 : 잠재성을 인식했을것이다. 범바움은 모든사람들은 그 사람들을 만드는 기이한 잠재성을 가지고있다고 믿는다. 그 당신이 가지고있는 잠재성 자체가 가능한것이다. 범바움은 그의 책에서 “우리는 잠재성의 회오리 안에 있고, 지속적으로 그 안에서 잠재성을 찾는다.”라고 말한다. 대부분의 사람들은 자기분발 블로그를 읽거나, 당신의 삶에 활력소가 될수있을 만한 영감을 찾으려 하지 않는다. 하지만, 내가 범바움의 이론과 책들과 가까워진 이후로 부터, 나는 매일매일 나 스스로에게 나의 잠재성과 기이함을 되새긴다.