The two key (spiraling) SUPRA-DYNAMICS Part II

I always convince myself that I should not wait for the miracle and perfect moment, Instead, I should take the moment and make it special. For almost all my life, I have lived in my head. I always have dreamed of a utopia that something amazing could happen someday. Examples of that “someday” are achieving the perfect career for me, being in a compatible relationship, having wonderful family, and being completely fulfilled with every aspect of my life. That “someday” for me has two different aspects: one is a refuge for me to hope something for the future, and the other one is a worrisome that made me feel empty everyday, because I just hope for something but never get it. However I have realized there are ways to find fulfillment and advancement. Birnbaum says that Quest-for-advancement and Quest-for-Fulfillment both are  “equally extraordinary.” To find them, you should love the present moment and appreciate it, find the blessings in the current situation, understand that there is no such a magical moment that will save you.  Looking for advancement and fulfillment are important in life. Birnbaum says that “Quest-for-Fulfillment simultaneously embraces emotion, spirituality, creativity, relationships, sensuality, hopes & dreams, and so on.”


Part II 

BOTH are infinitely recursive

(tracking forward to the end of time and indeed, maybe looping around infinity right back through Creation and then back upon itself

is infinitely OUTWARD-bound

Quest-for-Fulfillment, is infinitely CORE bound

all embracing

embracing all the dynamism and emotion of the cosmos

and attempting deep, deep multi leveled fulfillment

On a human level, which we POSIT parallels the cosmic



simultaneously EMBRACES emotion / spirituality / creativity /

relationships / sensuality / hopes & dreams / among other

components, while buffering DRIVE and AGGRESSION

The implications of all-of-the-above are, of course, stunning

As but one example, albeit a powerful one, the wondrous and

bountiful beauties and variety of the planet, and, indeed, of the

cosmos, serve, as well, both as potential fulfillment for the

senses and as potential objects, in one area or another, for


Thus I started out the Treatise in Book #1 with ONE PRIMARY


On closer examination, this one dynamic is comprised of first,

two primary interwoven spiraling threads, (themselves each

comprised of….)

which, as a shorthand, for the various respective packages

of potentiality they embrace, we’re calling, respectively




co-equal, but with 2 different tilts

Independent, but co-dependent simultaneously

Both equally extraordinary


나는 항상 내스스로한테 미라클같고 완벽한 순간을 기다리지 말고, 그대신 내가 순간들을 특별하게 만들어야된다고 말한다. 나는 내 상상속에서 산다. 나는 항상 언젠가 특별한 순간이 일어나는 유토피아를 꿈꿔왔다.  그 언젠가에대한 예는, 완벽한 직업, 맞는 인연, 아름다운 가족, 그리고 내 삶에대해 완벽하게 만족하는 삶을 꿈꾼다. 그 언젠가는 나에게 두가지 다른 의미를 가지고있다. 하나는 내가 미래에대해 무언가를 희망할수있는 도피처이고, 다른 하나는 매일 내가 아무것도 얻지를 못했기 때문에 비어있는것 같은 느낌을 주는 걱정이다. 범바움은 향상에대한 질문과 만족에대한 질문 모두다가 같이 기이하다고 한다. 그것들을 찾기 위해서는 당신은 현재 순간을 사랑하고 존중해야 하고, 현재 상황에서 행복을 찾아야하고, 당신을 구해줄수있는 매직같은 순간은 없다는것을 이해 해야한다. 향상과 만족은 우리삶에서 중요하다. 범바움은 “향상에대한 질문은 감정, 정신성, 창조성, 관계, 관능성, 희망 & 꿈들.”