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“Chacham, Ma hoo–o–mer?”

The Wise Son, (of Haggadah fame)
What does he ask?

(and he asks this with the right intentions – and respectful voice inflections, of course, or he is…… ‘red meat’)

Where did it all come from? (question of 5 year–old)

Why is there anything at all? (5 year-old in Private School kindergarten…future Talmud scholar)

What are the origins of the cosmos? (Cosmogony)

[inter-related with…]

What triggered the “Big Bang”? (Physics question)

What drives the cosmos? (Cosmology)

If there is a God, what are the origins of god? (Theogony)

If there is a classic God, why is there gross Evil? (Theodicy)

Why is there “REALITY” at all?
(enlightened college student)

[similar to question above of 5 year-old in private kindergarten]

Is there REALITY at all?
(college student taking too many philosophy courses)

(enlightened layman)

(putative best-selling biology writer)

What is the purpose of man?
(“Purpose of Man” question)

What is the purpose of the cosmos?

If DARWIN was right,

Wherefore, for instance, the extraordinary intricacies of 9 month fetal development – in the greater context of interdependent life? (Darwinian Theory challenge)

If mainstream (linear) INTELLIGENT DESIGN is right, who or what – is the DESIGNER? – and who designed the DESIGNER?
(classic conundrum faced by classical Intelligent Design proponents…very imminently to be answered)

* * *

To the Reader: As promised, this Summa Metaphysica SERIES will present an original – and presumably compelling – approach, answer and solution. Relax, sip a low calorie drink, and enjoy the ride… As prior, we do value your time, and fully intend to “deliver the goods”. Note that while there is some ‘fancy footwork’ along the way, the core theme, which you are aware of, remains intact – and flows through the core of the work throughout. So, follow the flow of the book. Don’t get stuck on any one sentence or paragraph or page.

If ~stuck on a sentence, re-read it once, perhaps, then roll forward regardless. No one sentence or paragraph makes-or-breaks Book #2. The concepts are all attaching to the core ‘spinal column’ of POTENTIAL…….Extraordinariation. Your subconscious will connect-the-various dots. Matters will crystallize further.

Then, as appropriate, consider looping-around for a second run at the entire book. It should have a different texture in subsequent run-throughs. We are endeavoring to “get-our-arms around” the Cosmic Code, and, indeed, around the INFINITE. If this were so simple, it would have been done previously.

At this point, I am going to rapidly introduce the first series of hypothesized “Cosmic Tools”. Each is actually inter-related with the others. Note that the explanations for each are perhaps less intimidating than the individual ‘tool names’.

– Birnbaum


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