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Metaphysics is ultimately about the questions that 5-year-olds ask.

for example,

Why is there anything?

Where is everything headed?

Where is God?

Therefore, to write Metaphysics one must be at least
as smart – and as ‘open’ as –
a 5-year-old

That is not necessarily as easy as it sounds


This work attempts to advance our understanding of
the cosmos.

This work attempts to get us where others have not… into the very “throne room” of metaphysics…

But, the infinitely evolving, morphing and expanding cosmos does not yield its secrets easily.

We will need to peel-it-away layer-by-layer

Approach by approach. Theme by theme.
Conjecture by conjecture. Hypothesis by hypothesis.

With no significant mistakes at any level

– as that would throw-off the expeditionary journey

Please note that, respectfully,
I only write one treatise / lifetime – and this is it.
There are no philosophy books before – or after.

Be assured that I have endeavored to be very, very careful with what I commit to paper

* * *

Oh, one last thing……

To understand the infinite cosmos, one truly need not spend-a-life-time peering through large telescopes or fathoming hyper-complex physics equations or wading-through dozens of esoteric writings…..Indeed, respectfully, they will not advance you beyond, say, ‘second base’.

One needs, however, to attempt to listen very carefully
to the very core of one’s soul.

David Birnbaum


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