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Summa Metaphysica’s “String Theory”1, 2, 3,

The Infinitude-Divine at–the–end–of–the–rainbow…..

draws a string from the precursor milieu to Creation…….through Creation (at the dawn of time)… through the eons… to Itself – showing the line of optimal Potential

* * *

SECULARISTS can call this proposed dynamic –

Infinite Consciousness and Givingness and Will
and LifeForce

(no intervention; no Godhead)

The RELIGIOUS will call the Divine, the God of Abraham

KABBALISTS can readily embrace this proposal

HASSIDIC purists can savor the Bal Shem Tov’s prescience

SPIRITUALISTS can ride somewhere in the middle

BUDDHISTS can call this Divine…
Ultimate Perfection and Harmony

PHYSICISTS can put down their electron microscopes for a few minutes…..and savor the non-quantifiable wonders of the cosmic order

DARWINISTS can be reconciled that they were partially correct…as evolution is clearly an important part of the process

The ‘INTELLIGENT DESIGN’ camp can readily adopt this (Summa Metaphysica) thesis as core doctrine. It has the not inconsiderable advantage of being more precisely ‘on-the-money’ and fully compatible with the general thrust of their approach, although the avant garde ‘identity’ of the Intelligent Designer may take some time getting-used-to.

——————- NOTES by KHALIL ——————-

1 Summa Metaphysica’s “String Theory”: With this the author makes clear that cosmic evolution is not defined solely by a start–point and an end–point. There is something connecting these points, which is with us today— a “road” connecting origin to destination.

2 Summa Metaphysica’s “String Theory”— and the Torah: The Torah is the thread that directs humankind towards Divine Perfection, providing continual guidance. This effect is powerful enough to drive all of creation, yet subtle enough to only be detected by the most spiritually perceptive souls. As he approached his final hours, Jacob— whose life was particularly difficult and arduous,— would bless Joseph in the name of God “who was my shepherd from my inception until this day” (Genesis 48:15).

3 Summa Metaphysica’s “String Theory”— and Biology: One of the presuppositions of Darwinism is that evolution cannot be teleological (i.e., evolution cannot plan for the future; it can only favor traits that support survival in the current environment). Thus a species can only acquire traits that suit its environment at the specific time. The author’s string theory model, in contradistinction to Darwin’s model, and in one of Birnbaum’s crucial pivots, asserts that evolution is, indeed, most definitely goal-directed, as well.



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