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Q4P theory

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Potentialism Lexicon

Key Terms


Q4P = Infinite Quest for Potential


C+ = Complexification

the cosmic drive towards increased complexity/sophistication/wondrousness


E+ = Extraordinariation

the idealized end-goal of the cosmic process; an ideal to be approached, but not quite realized



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The Birnbaum super-formula

Q4PC+ → E+

Quest for Potential∞ → Complexification → Extraordinatiation


[ the inviolate arc of the universe ]


an infinitely iterative dynamic


[ the full-spectrum macro & micro level
common denominator trajectory
of the Cosmic Order ]


the eternal - teleology / chi / direction / modus operandi - of the universe



Directional universe is now established.

~350 / Aristotle / directional universe

1859 / Darwin / Origin of Species / directional universe / evolution
1961 / Dicke / Dirac's Cosmology / fine-tuned-universe / direction: fine-tuned for life
1988 / Summa I: Infinite Quest for Potential (Q4P) / directional universe
1989 / Gribbin & Rees / fine-tuned universe / direction: fine-tuned for life
1999 / Rees / Just Six Numbers / fine-tuned universe / direction: fine-tuned for life
2005 / Birnbaum / Summa II:  Q4P → C+ → E+ / directional universe
2006 / lloyd: complexity / directional universe 
2012 / Nagel / Mind & Cosmos / directional universe
2014 / Birnbaum / Summa III: Transcendent Man / directional universe 

Potentialism Theory (starting with Summa I in 1988; Summa II in 2005; and MIT Professor Seth Lloyd (in his quantum-theory Programming the Universe book - 2006) have respectively independently delineated - in an overlapping manner - the (same) empirically-observed pattern/direction. And, for sure, others have done same before and after.

The [zoom-in] direction of the universe simply put is Complexification [C+] per Summa Metaphysica/Potentialism) - and the parallel theme of ever-increasing complexity per LLoyd. This directional trajectory spans the (entire) life of our universe - and once discerned, as it has been, is essentially indisputable.

Note that in the Summa Metaphysica/Potentialism case, the broader metaphysical trajectory/direction is Q4P > C+ > E+ (or, in 'the vernacular', Infinite Quest for Potential > Complexification > Extraordinariation).




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Q4P theory

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