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Respect plays a key role in life, because it allows people to communicate and live in relative harmony. For example, if I respect you, even when I disagree with your opinion, I won’t make unpleasant comments or try to make your life harder. I might voice my opinion about things, but I won’t convince you to agree or follow my line of thinking. In addition, if you respect me, you’ll listen to what I say, weigh it honestly and then make your own decision. Again, you may voice your disagreement, but it won’t become a full-blown argument because we can understand everyone has different opinions with respect.

Treat someone

with full respect

– and you have a potential ally

Treat someone

with disrespect

– and you have a guaranteed enemy

Treat someone

with abuse

– and you have a lifelong mortal menace

on your case


완전하게 존경하라

– 그러면 잠재적인 동맹을 가질것이다



-그러면 너는 확실한 적을 가질 것이다


오용으로 대접해라

– 그러면 평생을 가질수 없는 위협적인 존재

가 될것이다

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