INDEX of Sculpted Terms *

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Bootstrapping (creation)
pp. 64, 65, 140, 142, 377

Cherry-Picked Evolution
p. 146

Cosmic Tool Kit
pp. 61, 63, 96, 137, 149, 359

Cosmic Leveraged Buyout (Bootstrapping)
p. 65

Cosmic Tango
pp. 98, 118, 279

Cosmic Womb of Potential
pp. 13, 50, 56, 61, 62, 63, 96, 125, 359

p. 73

Cumulative / Massed-Array Design
p. 148

pp. 139-143

Holy Quest of Potential
pp. 16, 175, 295, 321, 356-357

Inexorable Life-Questing
pp. 69-70

Infinite Divine Extraordinariation
pp. 12, 16, 26-27, 70, 73-83, 89-93, 99-100, 106, 110, 129, 135-135, 145-146

Infinite Recursiveness & Infinite Loop-Ability
pp. 65, 67, 128

Infinitely-Coiled Spirality
p. 64

Interlocking Divine Infinitude Quest
p. 75

Metaphysical Correspondence
p. 67

Mitosis of O
pp. 68, 105, 138

Optimizing Complexification / Contourization
pp. 144-145

Organic Super-Equation
p. 138

Physical Leveraged Buyout
p. 147

Quest for Infinite Divine Extraordinariation
p. 74

Quest for Potential (Q4P)
pp. 11-13, 15-16, 22-24, 26-27, 50-51, 62, 65, 70-71, 73, 77-82, 85, 92-93, 97, 99-103, 108, 113, 117, 123, 126-129, 133, 135, 138, 142-143, 145-146, 148, 158, 161, 175, 209, 219, 266, 285, 294-295, 308-309, 321, 356-357, 365, 367, 369, 376-379

Recursivity is Regnant
p. 139

Simultaneous Push / Pull Tension
p. 64

Spiraling Supra-Dynamics
p. 117

Subtle Dynamic
pp. 40-44

pp. 101, 117,

Template Fidelity
p. 147

The Metaphysical Gates of the Forest
pp. 12, 16,

The Potential Point
pp. 12, 72, 85, 93, 373, 382

The Potential Point: Road Map
pp. 371-382

The Spiraling Collective
pp. 368-369

pp. 21-22

p. 70

note: Summa Metaphysica II: God and Good was copyrighted in 2005 and posted on the web in January 2006. Note that several of the above terms may very possibly have been used in a non-related manner in some form prior.

Summa Metaphysica I: God and Evil was copyrighted in 1986.

* sculpted / synthesized / created


The Potential Point: Road Map

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Summa Metaphysica

The Potential Point:
Road Map

of the hypothesized
metaphysical underpinnings
of the embryonic journey
of the Infinite Divine

employing just one concept

Quest for Potential/Extraordinariation

Summa Metaphysica
proposes a simultaneous solution to




Road Map

Possibility, is, by definition, eternal


One cannot really challenge the eternality of

the only concept whose eternality is basically

Thus, Possibility in one form or another is a very prime candidate for the prime engine which pulls
Reality from out of the Void


But how is there seemingly creation ex nihilo
creation seemingly out-of-nothingness?


Possibility per se does not necessarily have the
power to pull Reality from out of the Void However, a variation on Possibility Quest for Potential to the infinite power just might have the power to do just that



The combined power of all potentials down-the-road might be an imperative strong enough….
to cumulatively retroactively ignite the cosmos

Meaning, at Creation the future ignites the present.

This is our crucial pivot, among several key pivots

Summa Metaphysica calls this bootstrapping creation

[pre-Creation, TIME can more readily be hypothesized to have (more) elasticity and/or multi-directionality]


Since there is a cosmos, which apparently was de facto ignited at least once, we hypothesize that
Quest for Potential was the spark*

But how might this ignition have taken place?


Possibility had nowhere to go within the Void

We hypothesize that Possibility coiled within itself…..

morphing to its dynamic first cousin Quest for Potential….

Then, Quest for Potential coiled within itself by a
factor of, say, a zillion trillion to the infinite power.

For eons upon eons

Aching, yearning for expression, realization………

[investigate Mandelbrot Fractals in mathematics]


The quintessential irresistible force
Quest for Potential

Desperately probing for an opening through the
quintessential Immovable object The Void


Trying to discern a path into Reality


A cosmic impasse

………a seemingly eternal impasse


Like a coiled-spring vainly attempting to expand
infinite-fold within an infinitely small space

An infinitely-expanding metaphysical entity

trapped within a non-existent physical space


(infinite) Expansion, with nowhere to go
without Reality

The ultimate yearning.


Quest for Potential eventually fine-tuning its game

Ultimately achieving radar lock on the optimal route towards Extraordinariation

[investigate the Calculus in mathematics re: optimization]


Quest for Potential/Extraordinariation now
advancing towards critical mass


After an eternity of loneliness, the Void could not take it anymore


Potential Extraordinariation beckoned.


Potential Extraordinariation teased

Potential Extraordinariation seduced


Potential Extraordinariation pulsated.


Then, potential Extraordinariation within potential
Extraordinariation now infinitely iterating achieves critical mass.


The cosmic-balance is tipped The Void gasps
and yields
its hitherto eternal imperviousness


……and the heavens exploded forth

the Potential Point*


end of Road Map


The paradigm simultaneously also impels a parallel reworking of
Intelligent Design

Man’s place in the cosmos question
Purpose of Man question

and, of course,

et al.

not to mention, all-embracing


which impelled us here in the first place

We respectfully posit that the implications of
the Summa hypothesis span all of humanity
mainstream fields of study, whether the hard sciences or the soft sciences, as all fields, in this hypothesis, ultimately track back to the Singularity and to the
Big Bang.….the Genesis point…..what I would
name the Potential Point*

* the Eheyeh-asher-Eheyeh Point …..
that is,

* Big Bang point Genesis point Bereshith point

available on Amazon / go to

© 2006, 2009


Appendix G: “The Spiraling Collective”

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The outwardly-spiraling


wrapped-around (and interlaced with)

wrapped-around (and interlaced with)

wrapped-around (and interlaced with)

wrapped-around (and interlaced with)

wrapped-around (and interlaced with)

Taking-a-stab at a more schematic representation of
the current state of our little Quest for Potential dynamic, we respectfully offer the schematic on the left.

“The Spiraling Collective”: an industrious and ultimately spiritually-driven ‘collective’, which has a habit of creating solar systems and life forms, and is even rumored, via its GODHEAD, to have parted the Red Sea once, a long time ago…


end of

Summa Metaphysica



(but, the protégé also rises…)


Strength and Faithfulness

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from the Yom Kippur Machzor

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[see “Yigdal” prayer (above) – in the original Hebrew plus English translation]


SUMMA II will propose that this UNITY

– encompasses all – and always has
– is an integrated consciousness
– keeps evolving or generating additional layers,
layers whose parameters are, perhaps,
out of our ability to comprehend at all
– has at its core, Quest for Potential * b
– is an outwardly expanding spiraling vortex
– continuously iterates to keep re–optimizing
and re–evolving and re–layering
– mimics on a grand level, that which we do on a
human level (or vice versa perhaps being more accurate)
– drives the cosmic order * c
– is layered – and keeps layering-on additional layers
– is a penultimate ‘COLLECTIVE’ of all

– life–force
– consciousness
– spirit

* a see also Appendix G
* b à la the Kabbalistic En Sof
* c as per tradition

To give a very rough parallel:

a single individual red blood cell (in a single individual human) IS
to the vast Milky Way Galaxy


a single individual human IS
to the infinite Quest for Potential Unity


extract from Book I Foreword

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extract from Drob’s
of God and Evil *

* Book I (1988) of Summa Metaphysica

“Birnbaum’s proposed solution to the question of divine origins, to the mystery of the kabbalists’ En Sof (the infinite theistic principle giving rise to the God of Israel) is that “Holy Potential is at the epicenter of the Divine,” that God is, by His very nature, potential and possibility, ‘transcending, space, time and cosmos,” and ever-surging towards greater actuality. Birnbaum bases his thesis, in part, on the name by which God first became known to Moses and Israel: Eheye Asher Eheyeh, “I-will-be-that-which-I-will be” (Exodus 3:13-14) which he sees as a prooftext for his claim that potential is the holiest state of the Divine. Birnbaum sees the kabbalists’ sefirot as “primal quests for potentiality” which bridge the gap from “emptiness” to “somethingness,” and thereby become the vehicles of creation.”


To Order

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Summa books
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Appendix F: Hasidic v. Kabbalistic

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Note the following from Wikipedia 9/23/06:

(“The Besht”)

“The foundation-stone of Hasidism as laid down by Besht is a strongly marked panentheistic conception of God. He declared the whole universe, mind and matter, to be a manifestation of the pine Being…. for nothing can be separated from God; all things are rather forms in which God reveals Himself…”

Note the following from Encyclopedia Judaica:

Creator and Universe

“‘The hasidic leader R. Menahem Mendel of Lubavich observes (Derekh Mitzvotekha (1911), 123) that the disciples of the Ba’al Shem Tov gave the “very profound” turn to the doctrine of the oneness of God so that it means not alone that He is unique, as the medieval thinkers said, but that He is all that is:…there is no other existence whatsoever apart from His existence, blessed be He. This is true unification…just as there was no existence apart from Him before the world was created so it is even now.” …as a corollary of hasidic pantheism (more correctly, panentheism)…’”

(author’s note: there are no extant writings of the Besht)

Author’s editorial comment / perspective
on the classic and historic ‘dispute’
between Lurianism and Hasidism on the subject:

As the gemorah might say,
“Eylu v-aylu pre’ Elokim Chayim”

i.e. Both (exegesis) positions stand valid
side-by-side eternally

and, indeed, in this case,
both philosophical propositions:

The Lurianic*** [The universe as EMANATION from God] –

and the Hasidic position
[The universe as MANIFESTATION of God]

Both tether different (intertwined) aspects of the proposed Quest for Potential∞ paradigm.


Meaning, philosophical thrust #1 does not exclude philosophical thrust #2, as the respective theological / philosophical camps supposed; On the contrary, BOTH philosophical thrusts must be true side-by-side in order to explicate and outline – in even the most general terms – the contours of an all-embracing metaphysics.


*** Lurianic is a thrust of Kabbalistic

end of Appendix F