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INDEX of Sculpted Terms *

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Bootstrapping (creation) pp. 64, 65, 140, 142, 377 Cherry-Picked Evolution p. 146 Cosmic Tool Kit pp. 61, 63, 96, 137, 149, 359 Cosmic Leveraged Buyout (Bootstrapping) p. 65 Cosmic Tango pp. 98, 118, 279 Cosmic Womb of Potential pp. 13, 50, 56, 61, 62, 63, 96, 125, 359 Cosmic-Tapestry-Weaving p. 73 Cumulative / Massed-Array Design […]

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The Potential Point: Road Map

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Summa Metaphysica The Potential∞ Point: Road Map Summary/Overview of the hypothesized metaphysical underpinnings of the embryonic journey of the Infinite Divine employing just one concept Quest for Potential/Extraordinariation Summa Metaphysica proposes a simultaneous solution to Cosmogony Theogony Theodicy Road Map Possibility, is, by definition, eternal * One cannot really challenge the eternality of Possibility the […]

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Appendix G: “The Spiraling Collective”

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The outwardly-spiraling COLLECTIVE-vortex-unity CUMULATIVE Spirituality wrapped-around (and interlaced with) CUMULATIVE Consciousness wrapped-around (and interlaced with) CUMULATIVE Intelligence wrapped-around (and interlaced with) CUMULATIVE Life-force wrapped-around (and interlaced with) CUMULATIVE Energy wrapped-around (and interlaced with) CUMULATIVE Potential Taking-a-stab at a more schematic representation of the current state of our little Quest for Potential dynamic, we respectfully offer […]

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Strength and Faithfulness

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from the Yom Kippur Machzor

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[see “Yigdal” prayer (above) – in the original Hebrew plus English translation] The UNITY “POTENTIAL” * a SUMMA II will propose that this UNITY – encompasses all – and always has – is an integrated consciousness – keeps evolving or generating additional layers, layers whose parameters are, perhaps, out of our ability to comprehend at […]


extract from Book I Foreword

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extract from Drob’s FOREWORD of God and Evil * * Book I (1988) of Summa Metaphysica “Birnbaum’s proposed solution to the question of divine origins, to the mystery of the kabbalists’ En Sof (the infinite theistic principle giving rise to the God of Israel) is that “Holy Potential is at the epicenter of the Divine,” […]

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To Order

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one or both Summa books on Amazon click on one of the following three options: God and Evil God and Good Summa Metaphysica Set (This 2-book set includes both titles, God and Evil and God and Good) < BACK NEXT>

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Appendix F: Hasidic v. Kabbalistic

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Note the following from Wikipedia 9/23/06: BAAL SHEM TOV (“The Besht”) “The foundation-stone of Hasidism as laid down by Besht is a strongly marked panentheistic conception of God. He declared the whole universe, mind and matter, to be a manifestation of the pine Being…. for nothing can be separated from God; all things are rather […]

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