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God and Good,
this companion–work and sequel-to God and Evil (1988)

is composed of
3 inter–related works:

Part I: The Cosmic Womb of Potential

An original proposed metaphysics.

It dovetails with the metaphysics explicated
in the first book of the series, God and Evil

Part II: God’s 120 Guardian Angels

A quasi–mythical work of quasi–poetry which is used as a vehicle to explicate and flesh-out “Quest for Potential∞” from a different angle.

Part III: The Lost MANUAL

This work plays with applicability of the metaphysics noted in the prior sections, but on an INDIVIDUAL level.

The work maintains that Quest for Potential∞ drives not only the COSMOS as well as the DIVINE but also, the INDIVIDUAL, all in 1:1 parallel to one another.

…..and that “enlightened Self-Actualization” is front– and– center in human development.

The Lost Manual is a self–actualization guide as well as a 21st century (alleged) “Wisdom Book” along with several other treats.

Q4P = Quest for Potential∞
Q4F = Quest for Fulfillment


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