GAMMA: Lead-in

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from Book #1 (God & Evil)

Quest for Potential∞
drives the cosmos

All advance, life, reality, creativity, texture, progress
flows from this one Singularity

Quest for Potential∞ is at the epicenter of the Divine

Now, Book #2 (God & Good) can be encapsulated in one phrase…

At the end–of–the–rainbow,
the Potential Divine Perfection 1, 2, 3
retroactively ignites Creation.

The most awesome potential of all might be… after all, …Potential Divinity…
meaning… at the “end–of–the–rainbow”… at the end of hopefully many millennium of human advance in consciousness… almost as an INFINITY to be approached, but not quite realized, is ”POTENTIAL PERFECT DIVINE”… and it is this awesome POTENTIAL at–the–very–end of–the–rainbow which

IGNITED Creation.

Meaning, YES via its awesome POTENTIAL “the DIVINE” at Infinity–forward, retroactively ignites Creation at Infinity–backwards…

*** for, only this INFINITELY PERFECT DIVINITY would have the POTENTIAL— power to suck LIFE & CREATION from out of the VOID ***

So, is the Divine
– at the beginning, or
– ongoing, or
– at the end?

The DIVINE is consequently FULLY MANIFEST only at the hypothetical “END”, at the “end of the rainbow” (but the DIVINE POTENTIAL also “ignites” the ‘BEGINNING’)
the (embryonic) DIVINE courses right through all, through all humanity and life, and is inextricably part–and–parcel of all the Cosmos and all of its life-components through all eternity.



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