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— 21 —
Guardian Angel of HOPE

Most of humankind has not had it so good.
The challenges have been daunting.

And ultimately what gives us the strength to go out and meet daily challenges head-on, even when experience tells us that our success will be limited?

What drives the parent to struggle, sometimes against all odds? As we know, it is hope for a better tomorrow, if not for us, then for our children.

It is perhaps trite, but it is true.
At Creation, the Cosmos had HOPE that FULFILLMENT was at the end of the journey…
Not only does “hope spring eternal”,
From hope sprang ETERNITY

— 22 —
Guardian Angel of WHITE

I am White,
the Angel of White.

Imperious and submissive simultaneously.

I am soft cotton— as well as the terrifying blindness of an ice storm.
I am the White of Yom Kippur—
and the White of gentle snowflakes.

I am the White of a bride’s veil
and the White of a Shabbos Table linen.

I am usually good,
usually with the Good Guys,
but every once in a while…

I owe scant allegiances—
and serve as the palette of the universe.

Other entities believe
that they hold hegemony and power
But I am always there

Am not quite sure what they would do
without “lil ole White”.



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