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“A major intellectual triumph and
potential conceptual breakthrough”

– Professor John Wheeler
Professor Emeritus of Physics
Princeton University, 2008


This is a highly intuitive work attempting to advance our speculative conjecture about the cosmos – but fully comporting to our knowledge of the spectrum of various realities, across the sciences, both physical and social.

The work is written within a Jewish context,
but its motifs are universal.

If the construct proposed herein proves to ‘stand the test of time’, mainstream Jewish philosophy – and theology – will comport to its contours – and other belief systems will find ways to accommodate its assertions.

In due course… In due course…


note: There is a 5-page “Schematic”
re-capping both books starting on pg. 352
or by clicking below

Appendix B: Schematically


“A significant and possibly brand new way of seeing God and goodness as processes that can, in retrospect, be seen as embedded in the thrust of creation toward the (always still potential) fulfillment of potential… ”

– Edward L. Greenstein
Professor of Bible Tel Aviv University
Princeton University, 2008


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