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— 1 —
Guardian Angel of the LONELY

I am the Guardian Angel of the Lonely
I try to give them some gentle comfort
Metaphorically, I try to hold their hand
I feel their terrible pain
With no one to share it with
Unable to connect well
with their brother and sister creations

Alone on the raft of life… as they navigate life’s treacherous currents, and drift through its calms
One can be alone in the middle of a crowd
And some find themselves alone even in a marriage

Rich or poor — ALONE is so tough

Alone. So alone.
Almost as lonely as God…

Almost, but not quite as lonely as the original, primal, dark, empty void
The void
Which reached out into eternity… through Creation… through the portal of LIFE…

— 2 —
Guardian Angel of GRATITUDE

I am the guardian angel of “Modeh Ani”
The gentlest of prayers
The prayer children are taught first
The prayer adults do not take all that seriously
They should.

I am the prayer of Gratitude

I am the angel of Thanksgiving
Thanks Giving every moment

And Gratitude, of course, suffuses the soul
with cosmic energy
And Gratitude, of course,
wraps us in a metaphysical shield

Gratitude that each and every one of us is at the epicenter of the cosmos
Gratitude that Life Force flows through each of us, tracking forward to the ends of time

And tracking back to the Genesis point
And perhaps these points converge

Gratitude that we are the recipients of love,
and gratitude that we can give love

Gratitude for each and every person who loves us —
even a bit,
And gratitude for each and every person who we love –
even a bit

Gratitude that we are Cosmic Guardians of love and creativity
Gratitude that we have arisen for another day representing a microcosm of a lifetime – of LIFE

Gratitude for the richness and variety of creation’s potentials
Gratitude, with its implicit theme of Wonderment,
is a “magic vitamin”

It infuses our being with cosmic energy

And rightfully so
Gratitude – given with love –
opens a doorway to greater potential



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