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God and Evil is, of necessity,
written in neo-academic style.

God and Good
looks at the obverse side of the coin: Good.

And what we discover of the cosmic order is quite majestic and elegant, and, indeed, beyond incredible.

“God’s 120 Guardian Angels”, is my very carefully chosen vehicle to flesh–out further my core proposition of Quest for Potential∞. The book is a very deliberate and calibrated attempt to deal with an infinite and profound concept — through finite means: literary devices (120 Angels), gentle poetic prose, and mythical constructs. Ultimately, the final leap – in accepting or rejecting an overarching metaphysics – must be to feel it in your gut – as no one has been at the Cosmic Center – or at the Creation point – or ‘far enough out’ to have a perspective encompassing all. Indeed, to-the-end-of-time the full and complete truth will never be proved conclusively. Indeed, in any event, it might take until the end of time to relate and explicate the full truth.



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