Reprise to Midrash

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(5,000 or 5 BILLION years later)

To Life, To Life, L’chayim
L’chayim, L’chayim To Life

—Fiddler on the Roof

* * * “The Metaphysical Plan” * * *

God’s 120 Guardian Angels is my mode of explicating the abstract dynamic— Holy Quest for Potential— which I proposed in my first book God and Evil (in 1988), and which I posit as being the core and underlying dynamic of the cosmos.

Using the construct of 120 “guardian angels”, I focus on slices of the richness of the universe and on some important metaphysical themes which directly relate to the metaphysics which I propose.

Some of these themes are relationship-oriented, some are metaphysical, self-actualization-oriented, some hybrid, but all track back to the core dynamic. I chose 120 specific (“guardian angels”) potentialities, but note that each individual— including this author— views the richness of the universe through his/her own subjective lens at any given point in time.

Please note that the Guardian Angels of the universe,
represent, as well, and most importantly,


According to God and Evil: A Unified
Theodicy / Theology / Philosophy

these infinite potentialities are at the crux of the cosmic order.
— at the core of the Divine.

And according to God and Evil, these infinite potentialities demanded to be more than just Potentialities—

They demanded EXPRESSION.

They demanded REALITY.

They did not want to infinitely be only ideas or potentiality.

“Na-ase adam b’tzalmenu”
— bereshit 1:26

“Let us make Man in Our image”
— Genesis 1:26

an excerpt from the Yom Kippur service follows >


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