LAMBDA: A fresh look at some of our concepts

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There is a 1:1 correspondence between what is true on an individual human level, and what is true on a cosmic level.

Man seeks life.
The cosmos seeks life.

Man seeks his potential.
The cosmos seeks its potentiality.

Man seeks ascendance in knowledge.
The cosmos seeks ascendance in consciousness.

Man seeks immortality.
The cosmos seeks immortality.

Man seeks beauty.
The cosmos seeks beauty.

Man seeks love.
The cosmos seeks love.

Man seeks fulfillment.
The cosmos seeks fulfillment.

Man seeks full actualization.
The cosmos seeks full actualization.

Man seeks fulfilling relationship(s)
The cosmos seeks fulfilling relationship(s)

Man seeks The Infinite.
The cosmos seeks The Infinite1.

——————- NOTES by KHALIL ——————-

1 The Infinite and the Cosmos: In passages such as this one it is clear that the author rejects Aristotle’s concept of “eternalism,” a model in which the cosmos is eternal and The Infinite is an actor within the cosmos. This same rejection of eternalism was defended in the Guide for the Perplexed, in Maimonides’ key divergence from Aristotelian principles. The rejection of Eternalism remains a key metaphysical distinction between traditional Jewish thought and classical Aristotelian thought. The author basically dismisses classic Aristotelian thought as fatally linear and simplistic.



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