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— 101 —
Guardian Angel of ‘Ahava’ (Love)

Ahava‘ – love the same ‘gematriyah‘ (letter valuation) as

ACHAD‘: Oneness/unity
For ‘ahava‘ —love and only ‘ahava’–love— makes the cosmos WHOLE.
For initially the Void was unzipped into

Positives and Negatives,
White & Dark,
Male and Female.
And, in Love—
And In Relationships—
And ultimately in Marriage–union
Does the Cosmos re–Unite.

Seeming linearities,
Consummate circularities.

The cosmic ring is completed
May the love be rare and pure

Simple, but profound
Simple, but True

In Marriage,
All polarities

That is the profound and powerful
Cosmic drive

Impelling us all to take that leap–journey
From Biblical times–thru the present.
Attempting to make not just ourselves,
But the entire Cosmos, Whole.

Come with me for a full journey! Love beckons
Come with me for a death-defying Leap! Love entreats

I will complete your Soul
I will quench your Heart
I will re-Unite the entire Cosmic order

You will single-handedly effect

‘ahava, ahava, ahava
Love in its many, many forms
Love, oh Love

Careless Love

I am the “middle-child” Guardian Angel

ax far as the establishment was concerned
I was not given enough attention…
Almost always a peripheral supporting role

I was over-shadowed by the others for centuries…
I pleaded with them to pay more attention to me…
They did not listen

Then, Hillel and the shepherd entered the picture
With LOVE center-stage…




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