EPSILON: Notes & Observations

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If there is a mutation or natural selection which Quest for Potential∞ assesses will optimize further the course towards this “Divine”, we re–orient, and ‘morph’ the entire species in that direction; Else, if perceived to offer no particular advantage, it is Thank You, but No Thank You. Evolution is driven by the overarching imperative of Potential, not by the sub-component-Survivability.

Regarding those who argued for the “Intelligent Design” theory and those who argued for “Evolution”, both were partially correct. However, remember, it was the Evolutionists who attempted (pretty successfully) to thoroughly invalidate the champions of ID (Intelligent Design) – not the other way around.

The champions of ID always maintained that evolution played a role; but just a supporting role, not the “lead”.

But the author of Intelligent Design is, ultimately, actually, ourselves, the transcendent Embryonic Infinite Divine / Cosmic Womb of Potential∞.

PUSH from the Genesis–point, forward.

PULL from the Infinity–point backwards.

And, while evolution does occur, and is employed by Quest for Potential∞ when advantageous, it is but a component of the grander saga.

So, on some dramatic level, the Infinite Divine-reality actually is ‘re-inventing’ Itself… over-and-over the many billions of eons of the cosmic drama.

Traversing from the metaphysical…presumably then through a ‘bridge state’ of some sort…….traversing onward into reality and then onto ever–higher and higher ultimate infinite perfection/extraordinariness….



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