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Summa Metaphysica proposes a comprehensive and integrated metaphysical structure – a new paradigm.

God and Evil (published 1988) and God and Good ( launched 2006) comprise Birnbaum’s Summa Metaphysica series. The author has proposed that one fundamental concept – and one fundamental concept alone – Quest for Potential (recursive to the infinite power) – ignited – and drives – the cosmos – and the integral infinite divine.

Building upon his 1988 treatise, in God and Good ( 18 years later ) the author lays out his over-arching metaphysical structure in very significantly greater scope, depth, breadth and texture.

Birnbaum’s paradigm is non–linear, as opposed to the linearity of the great bulk of Western philosophy. It is non-circular, as opposed to the circularity of much of Eastern philosophy. Rather, Birnbaum’s paradigm is what the author refers to as a “spiral/reflexive”dynamic (elucidated in the text). The author proposes that this Quest for Potential∞ paradigm more elegantly explains the dynamics of the cosmos – and of life, in particular – than alternate propositions.

According to the Birnbaum, only the full plethora of potentials – and the quest thereof – could have ignited the cosmos. The combined potentials for love, life, intellectuality, spirituality and, indeed, for an infinitely Perfect Divine, ignited, birthed, nurtured, and projected the cosmos onward on its quest towards infinity. ‘Extraordinariation’, according to the author, is the over-arching goal.

Thomas Aquinas wrote Summa Theologica c. 1273 within a Christian context. The Summa Metaphysica series, proposing an original, dynamic, overarching, and integrated metaphysics, is crafted within a Jewish context seven hundred years later. – JLC


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