THETA: The two key (spiraling) SUPRA-DYNAMICS

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The two key sub-components of Quest for Potential∞:

Note that both
sui generis,
each thoroughly unique in its own way

Both are SUPRA-Dynamics

…in a plane — and class — by themselves

Interlinked in a cosmic double-helix;

rocketing-forward ensemble to Infinity

pulsating with infinite energy and dynamism and internal tension

independent and inter-dependent alternatingly

feeding-off of each other’s Infinitude and
un-quenchable cosmic appetites

locked in eternal embrace and stylized pulsating dance

the ultimate Cosmic Tango (as noted prior)

– seeking consummate POTENTIAL


BOTH are infinitely recursive
(tracking forward to the end of time… and indeed, maybe looping around infinity right back through Creation… and then back upon itself

Quest-for-Advancement is infinitely OUTWARD-bound

Quest-for-Fulfillment, is infinitely CORE–bound
embracing all the dynamism and emotion of the cosmos
and attempting deep, deep multi–leveled fulfillment

On a human level, which we POSIT parallels the cosmic dynamic,
simultaneously EMBRACES emotion / spirituality / creativity / relationships / sensuality / hopes & dreams / among other components, while buffering DRIVE and AGGRESSION


The implications of all-of-the-above are, of course, stunning


As but one example, albeit a powerful one, the wondrous and bountiful beauties and variety of the planet, and, indeed, of the cosmos, serve, as well, both as potential fulfillment for the senses and as potential objects, in one area or another, for advancement.


Thus I started out the Treatise in Book #1 with ONE PRIMARY dynamic,

On closer examination, this one dynamic is comprised of first, two primary interwoven spiraling threads, (themselves each comprised of…..)

which, as a shorthand, for the various respective ‘packages’ of potentiality they embrace, we’re calling, respectively –




co-equal, but with 2 different tilts

Independent, but co-dependent simultaneously

Both equally extraordinary


Quest-for-ADVANCEMENT was originally ‘just’ metaphysical proto-MALE

Quest-for-FULFILLMENT was originally ‘just’ metaphysical proto-FEMALE


Over the eons, a trajectory from the metaphysical
realm morphs…….

They ultimately have a physical embodiment in our cosmos as
– as they seek a modality (autonomous but paired)
to reach for ULTIMATE REALIZATION of POTENTIAL (the ‘mother ship’)

and the realization of the extraordinary
(‘Extraordinariation’ – to be amplified upon below)

In our cosmos, in our dimension,

Quest-for-ADVANCEMENT/fulfillment morphs to
(and embodied by) Male

Quest-for-FULFILLMENT/advancement morphs to
(and embodied by) Female

“Va-yomer Elokim:
‘Na-ase adam b’tzalmeinu, k’dmusaynu…

…Zachar u-Nekeyvah barah otam”

[Bereshith 1:26-28]

“And Elokim said: ‘Let us make Man in Our image,
as Our likeness’

…Male and Female, He created them”

[Genesis 1:26-28]

So, respectfully, while our proposal may be revolutionary,

it does happen to fit elegantly with the Biblical text –

and certainly perfectly with Rashi’s Commentary:

i.e., Rashi says to read the text as:

“God says to his ANGELS
(read: Metaphysical Potentials–author):
‘Let Us make Man in Our Image’ ”


So, indeed, one can make the case that Rashi’s Commentary actually IS our formulation.

(and it may be somewhat challenging to excommunicate Rashi)


As with the Exodus prooftext: “Eheyeh Asher Eheyeh”
for the core proposal of
God as the God of Potential, the prooftext here is, as well, eerily on-the-mark.
Once you discern it, it sort of ‘jumps-out-at-you’.


Now, the dominant potentiality thread in MALE may be
(51 % Quest-for-Advancement; 49% Quest-for-Fulfillment–as overarching, but certainly not exclusive, dynamics)


the dominant potentiality thread in FEMALE may be the obverse side of coin
(51% Quest-for-FULFILLMENT; 49% Quest-for-ADVANCEMENT–as overarching, but certainly not exclusive, dynamics)

– but that tiny percentage swing in orientation somewhere along the trajectory is what ultimately makes all-the-difference
(This one last sentence should keep psychologists
busy for a 1,000 years or so…)


But why enter this terrain at all?
Why not just let matters rest with the original
Quest for Potential∞?

Why enter this MALE-FEMALE zone which, like a mythical siren, always seems to pull sundry metaphysics over the millennia out into some sort of philosophical ‘la-la land’?

We only go here because we are inexorably led here by the logical imperatives of our schema.

Quest for Potential∞ cannot forever stand alone as a UNITARY DYNAMIC–while ‘everything else under-the-sun’ has polarities and dualities.

Aside from that, male-female, across the stratum of species, pervades our planet.

Beyond that, once we operate under the self-articulated premise that
there are direct parallels between METAPHYSICAL realms and REALITY realms,
once we see a tantalizing parallel, we are motivated to articulate it

However, overriding all-of-the-above is the fascinating proposition that GENDERS are the embodiment of
>> morphed-METAPHYSICAL POTENTIALS << - or, as RASHI might say, the embodiment of >> morphed ANGELS << The implications – stretching eternally in both directions in time – give one pause for awe. It turns out that possibly the most daring components of our multi-layered hypothesis, i.e. the core proposition of Potential with the follow-through hypothesis of its two key sub-Potentials – are the components most directly tethered in the Torah. Tethering the most daring parts, on some level anchors the entire metaphysics.


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