Part I: The Cosmic Womb
of Potential

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All notes and footnotes in Book #1 (God and Evil)
are crafted by BIRNBAUM.

All NOTES in this volume, Book #2 (God and Good),
are by KHALIL.

note that KHALIL re-starts his NOTES numbering
(starting again from 1)
in each sub-section in which he has commentary.


Part I: The Cosmic Womb of Potential
(the first of three works in God & Good)

The “Cosmic Womb of Potential” nourishes, enhances, and sustains the potentializing of all aspects of the Cosmic order – including itself. Nourished, enhanced and sustained within this womb, and, indeed, integral to it, we live and attempt to thrive and advance.

The infinitely expanding and traversing aspect stretches forward through time… from the very origin of origins to the forward reaches of time.

It is this time–spanning infinitude which renders all of us an integral neo–infinite part of this infinite dynamic/entity.

This infinitely expanding dynamic/entity strives after its own maximal potential, relentlessly advancing and expanding, again, recursively, a womb woven within a womb within a womb.

Potential is the amniotic fluid of the infinitely expanding Cosmic Womb.

[Parallel to a womb, the temperature of the universe is actually a Constant. Throughout its vast expanse. Of course, the temperature of the universe is a slightly colder at 2.73 degrees above Absolute Zero. (Absolute Zero is -459.67 degrees Farenheit, or -273.15 degrees Celsius). But it is a Constant.]

[Some formations towards one end of the Universe appear as almost twins on the other side of the Universe. Contemporary scientific theory is at-a-loss to explain…]

“U–vacharta ba–chayim”

(And thou shalt choose Life – Deuteronomy)

Q4P = Quest for Potential∞
Q4F = Quest for Fulfillment


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