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Appendix E: Evolution

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(from the perspective of Summa Metaphysica) According to my reading of natural evolution, random genetic mutations provide a ‘menu’ for Quest-for-Potential∞ to “review” – and then select from – or “lock-in on” – a new ‘genetic line’ most likely to achieve optimal potential (which includes survival)…and then transpose the genetic change across the entire species, […]

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COSMOGONY The origins of the cosmos. COSMOLOGY The nature and dynamics of the cosmos. METAPHYSICS Past, present and future overarching dynamics– transcending, if necessary, time and space and matter. THEODICY Reconciling (asserted) God and religion in the face of evil. THEOGONY The origins of the (asserted) Divine. * * * Summa Metaphysica proposes a Unified […]

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“A major intellectual triumph and potential conceptual breakthrough” – Professor John Wheeler Professor Emeritus of Physics Princeton University, 2008 ______________________________ This is a highly intuitive work attempting to advance our speculative conjecture about the cosmos – but fully comporting to our knowledge of the spectrum of various realities, across the sciences, both physical and social. […]

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Extension or Separate?

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Is the universe an extension of God – or separate from God ? “If you don’t see God everywhere, you don’t see him anywhere” – the Kotzke Rebbe (1787 – 1859) Note the following from Wikipedia 9/23/06: BAAL SHEM TOV (“The Besht”) “The foundation-stone of Hasidism as laid down by Besht is a strongly marked […]

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Books by David Birnbaum Summa Metaphysica …God and Evil …God and Good Thunderation To contact the author: email: fax: 212-398-9438 Book WebSites: To contact the publisher: J Levine / MILLENNIUM Danny Levine, President & Publisher 5 West 30th Street New York, NY 10001 phone: 212-695-6888 fax: 212-643-1044 To order online: ( […]

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Appendix D: Consciousness

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Consciousness remains a vast unknown. Above, in the main body of the book, I posit a “cumulative consciousness”. And this speculative conjecture is an integral part of my philosophical construct. Now, we know from Astrophysics that ~half-a-billion years after the Big Bang (with the Big Bang currently calculated at 13.7 billion years ago), Supernovas (collapsing […]

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About the Author

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David Birnbaum is known in academic circles as the author of the Summa Metaphysica series: an over-arching metaphysics. He is a graduate of Yeshiva Dov Revel, Yeshiva University High School, CCNY and Harvard. God and Evil (1988), the first book in the landmark 2-book Summa Metaphysica series has been assigned as a Required Text at […]

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Appendix C: Extraordinariation

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To our readers: Summa Metaphysica proposes the concept of Extraordinariation. This concept is proposed and elaborated upon in the chapter Mu: Cosmic Tool Kit: Shelf #2 above (in the first section of this book, Cosmic Womb of Potential) The following is a finale’ commentary piece on the theme by DANIEL N. KHALIL: EXTRAORDINARIATION To say […]

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Appendix B: Schematically

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(as introduction to this particular appendix, first let us take one more quick look at the Baal Shem Tov’s philosophy… see – lead paragraph on the Baal Shem Tov’s doctrines (a/k/a the BESHT’s doctrines) in Wikipedia (Dec 20, 2006): “Elements of Besht’s doctrines” The foundation stone of Hasidism as laid by Besht is a strongly […]

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Download God and Good

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Available in sections or in whole. Click on your desired section to Download (or right-click and save on PC) By section: Intro Material_Frontmatter thru page 53 (prints on 32 sheets) Part 1: The Cosmic Womb of Potential_pps 54-151 (prints on 49 sheets) Part 2: God’s 120 Guardian Angels_pps 152-327 (prints on 88 sheets) Part 3: […]

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