David Birnbaum Summa Metaphysica

To the secular,
Infinite Quest for Potential.

To the spiritual,
the metaphysical/spiritual
Infinite Quest for Potential.

To the religious,
the Holy
Infinite Divine Potential.

Eheyeh Asher Eheyeh:
I Will Be That Which I Will Be (Book of Exodus 3:14)
The Infinite Divine. Shadai. The Source. Holy Quest for Potential
The kabbalistic En Sof (‘The No-End’)

Secular, Spiritual or Holy, the grand cosmic journey of Potential advances-onward to this day.

With Freedom - axiomatically integral to Potential - being consequently inviolate, as well.
(This 'axiomatic play' is integral to Summa's proposed resolution of the classic Theodicy connundrum.)

David Birnbaum Summa Metaphysica philosophy treatise proposes
a unified metaphysics | cosmology | teleology.
In the process Birnbaum sets the stage for a reboot of all the hard and soft sciences.

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