Overview of Summa Series

core theme*:
Potential drives the universe


1988 (Summa I) Religious Man

# Proposed Theodicy/Theogony resolution
closes the two key philosophical vulnerabilities in Religion

# The God of Potential

# Proposed eternal dynamic Infinite Quest for Potential
overthrows all classic metaphysics,
and lays the groundwork for Directional Universe


2005 (Summa II) Spiritual Man

# An overarching (powerful and original) metaphysics/cosmology

# Demonstrates Directional Universe

# Proposed formula cracks the cosmic code

# The cosmos is most certainly directional, and most certainly not random

# Provides an Overarching Metaphysics / Simultaneous Solution

# Provides new metaphysical/philosophical/cosmological standing to Spirituality

# The Birnbaum SuperFormula
Q4P → C+ → E+
provides a formula for the Cosmic Order


2014 (Summa III) Secular Man

# A fully-integrated secular metaphysics/cosmology

# Overthrows Randomness across multiple fronts
(including vis à vis Cosmology and Evolution)

# Birnbaum-proposed ‘Fusion Evolution‘ theory – with MIT in the mix.


*spaning all 3 works

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