Core DNA

November 20, 2014

Core DNA


The Core DNA of the Cosmic Order

& Summa Meytaphysica’s Quest for Potential? Theory

Metaphysicist David Birnbaum (see of Manhattan sought after the cosmic genesis point. To that end he crafted the now-iconic 3-part Summa Metaphysica philosophy treatise (1988, 2005, 2014). [See series detail below.]

Birnbaum discerns one dynamic as the Common Denominator of the entire Cosmic Order (see This (eternal) dynamic is (his hypothesized) Infinite Quest for Potential?.

Per the theory, the dynamic ignited the Cosmic Order, drives it forward, energized and sustains Life; and gives the Cosmic Order ‘direction’ (i.e. towards realization of ultimate Potentiality). The theory is breathtaking in many aspects, but particularly in its inherent ‘simplicity’ and ‘sweep’. See
– which brings us to the first of our many multi-faceted questions here:

 Cosmic DNA?

Is there a cosmic DNA – and is this DNA more precisely, Infinite Quest for Potential??

At the core of Summa Metaphysica theory is the concept of Potentialism. Potentialism Theory (aka Quest for Potential? Theory aka Q4P-Theory) protagonists frequently refer to the core principle equation: Q4P? => E+. This is an expression meaning that the Infinite Quest for Potential? (Summa’s hypothesized core cosmic instigator) drives the universe towards Extraordinariation (Summa’s hypothesized cosmic end-goal). This overarching and underlying Infinite Quest for Potential? is, of course, fundamental to Summa theory; it is the inescapable and inexorable force that drives the great Cosmic Order towards the extraordinary and ever-more wondrous. [Note: Q4P? – or plain Q4P – is shorthand for Infinite Quest for Potential?… see]

Is our own physical DNA an extension of cosmic metaphysical DNA?

Conceptually, yes. To Birnbaum, Quest for Potential is, indeed, the core ‘Cosmic DNA.’ Indeed, our own physical DNA may be an extension of cosmic metaphysical DNA. How might this be?

On a cosmic scale, the embedded Cosmic DNA is responsible for life and existence itself. The eternal fire that sparked the Big Bang itself, the Cosmic DNA is what determined not only the nature of the universe but determined that it must be at all; it is the initial spark that brought forth all of creation.

Did the emergence of primordial ‘life’ (finally) provide a ‘platform’ for metaphysical DNA to make-the-leap to physical DNA?

Is there thus a direct line/path from eternal origins infinitely-past to our own individual physical DNA in the 21st century?

Does our own DNA have integrated with it, metaphysical DNA, as well?

Are we thus individually each more ‘cosmic’ and, indeed, ‘eternal’ than most of us suspected?

Is Natural Selection primarily Cosmic metaphysical DNA manipulating the physical DNA of the genome of organisms – to advance – in integrated fashion (aka ‘co-evolvement) the imperatives of  Quest for Potential??

Is our entire cosmos co-evolving, as Cosmic metaphysical DNA manipulates the physical DNA
cosmos-wide to advance the imperatives of Quest for Potential??

[Technical note: All references to DNA in this article refer to RNA, as well; as is known, RNA is the other genetic material in an organism.]

Is Q4P Divine/divine?

Birnbaum’s position is that Q4P? can be viewed as either (a) a religious dynamic, (b) a spiritual dynamic or (c) a purely secular dynamic. See precise titles of three Summa treatise volumes below. The founder of Potentialism Theory (aka Quest for Potential? Theory aka Q4P-Theory) devotes one of each of the three Summa treatise volumes to one of these ‘lenses.’ See

Birnbaum does intermittently refer to Q4P? as divine. Whether you take that in a literal, religious sense is a matter of perspective. What is meant is that Q4P is a metaphysical life-generating, life-sustaining, and, indeed, purpose-of-life driving force; Q4P is  inherent-in, and permeating-all, creation; Is that not the core component of ‘divinity’ – whether or not there is a ‘legislating entity’? See

If  (repeat: if) there is no classic Divine (with an upper case ‘D’), there is, per Summa hypothesis, most assuredly at-the-minimum, a cosmic thrust of  divinity (lower case ‘d’) to life-instigating, generating and sustaining Infinite Quest for Potential. Birnbaum is trying to explicate that while we are used to bifurcating gestalts  as  Holy v. Secular, there may be an intermediate play; meaning, a dynamic which is not quite classic Divine, but not quite classic Secular either:  Q4P.  See

Q4P and the Laws of Physics

Birnbaum would say that Q4P is linked at-the-hip to the Laws of Physics; the two advance in-tandem from eternity-past through cosmic history. See

Per Summa website

“The core theme of David Birnbaum’s works is that one elegant dynamic and one elegant dynamic, alone (Quest for Potential?) both instigates and drives the entire cosmic order. According to the conceptual theorist “Potentialism proposes that there is, indeed, a protagonist to the cosmic order, but that the protagonist is a ‘quest,’ and not a ‘classic entity.’ The universe quests for its maximal potential. The core dynamic Quest for Potential? strives with purpose and direction towards ever-greater and higher potential. At the ‘beginning of time,’ eternal Quest for Potential? harnessed the eternal portion of the eternal equations of Physics-Mathematics to ignite our universe via the Big Bang.
This same symbiotic dynamic – Quest for Potential? in league with Physics-Math – then acted as a catalyst for the route tracking-forwards to high level humans in the 21st Century – tracking forward from the Big Bang thru the emergence of the Elements, primordial star systems, myriad galaxies, supernovas, the sun, our solar system, life, photosynthesis, DNA, organisms, sexual reproduction, multi-cellular life, the Cambrian Explosion, amphibians, forests, reptiles, mammals, dinosaurs, birds, flowers, evolution, hominids, homo sapiens, and ever-increasing consciousness/emotion – and, indeed, for all the key dynamics which have evolved in the universe.”


The Cosmic Genome

The Cosmic DNA impacts the entirety of existence; it is embedded even in human DNA

Cosmic DNA is a term used by Potentialism Theory to express the very inherent nature of Potential. Nothing in the universe exists outside of its influence. It is like a cosmic genome that tells everything in the universe its purpose – and how it should broadly behave – and strive. See also

Metaphysical Fire

Cosmologist/Metaphysicist David Birnbaum writes in his seminal work Summa Metaphysica I (1988) that at eternal origins a metaphysical fire leapt forth from out-of-time into time itself… Many billions of years later, we are a direct result of that metaphysical leap. Let us try to elaborate on Birnbaum’s proposition.

Asked to describe the Cosmic DNA, Birnbaum has offered:

“Infinite Potential abhors nothingness; it seeks fullest expression and deepest fulfillment….ultimate Potentiality.

Infinite Quest for Potential in an infinite iteration feeds-upon-itself…like a raging forest fire.

Once it had ignited ‘nothingness’ by unzipping-it into positives and negatives, Infinite Quest for Potential rages-on…ever expanding the universe and pressing it ever-onwards to its fullest possibilities.

Q4P challenges the Cosmic Order to inexorably and implacably seek-after Extraordinariation.”

Nothing sums up the Cosmic DNA so succinctly as these few stanzas. In a Potentialist world – where thought, form, art, emotion, morality and physical reality all share mutual and equally important places in the whole of the universe – a truth in stanzas is apropos – a nod to the poetry that is our cosmos. And poetry might be an accurate description of the Cosmic DNA. Unlike the pure physicality of a human DNA strand, the Cosmic DNA represents the fire of inspiration as well as the physical matter and energy of the universe.  See

Complexification (C+)

definition, from

C+ Complexification: The hypothesized cosmic intermediate drive – “Q4P’s handmaiden” – maneuvering the cosmos towards greater complexity/sophistication/richness/integration/variety/wondrousness.

In turn, note that one of the components of Complexification just-noted above is ‘integration’; meaning, Complexification does not occur divorced from the cosmic landscape; rather,  Complexification integrates into-the-process the harmonization/optimization of the ongoing Complexification with the existing bio-landscape.”

Moreover, the Cosmic DNA is embedded in the DNA of the ‘intermediate’ cosmic dynamic Complexification. C+, Complexification is the handmaiden of Infinite Quest for Potential. C+ seeks-after ever increased complexity/sophistication/richness/integration/variety/wondrousness. It is the internal ‘driver’ of Evolution. (Yes, survival is in the mix, as well; survival falls into the category of – necessary, but not sufficient.)

Complexification (C+): Whereas complexity-advance represents the purely physical levels of the complex, Complexification is a broader, overarching concept covering both incremental and quantum-advance in both physical complexity as well as less tangible, but recognized non-physical forms of complexity such as art, morality, beauty, spirituality… This Complexification is driven by the Cosmic DNA, the integral need of the universe to ever-more-fully express itself.

A vibrant and life-affirming Cosmic Order

For adherents of Potentialism, the Cosmic DNA represents the core of universal expression. What some might see as a lifeless, pointless universe, Potentialists see as an organic universe alive with potential and possibility – and only growing greater by the second. The Cosmic DNA of Infinite Quest for Potential is just that – the universal charter that assures the continued inexorable advance and dynamism of the cosmos.

Unifying Science, Spirituality & Philosophy

Infinite Quest for Potential? is thus the metaphysical thread which, as well, unites the entire Cosmic Order. Thus, in-the-mix, Potentialism Theory unifies Science, Spirituality & Philosophy. See

The Summa Metaphysica series:

Summa Metaphysica I: Religious Man: God and Evil (Ktav, 1988);

Summa Metaphysica II: Spiritual Man: God and Good (New Paradigm Matrix, 2005);

Summa Metaphysica III: Secular Man: The Transcendent Dynamic (New Paradigm Matrix, 2014).


Dovetailing with Potentialism Theory:

Recent hi-level academic physics/math works by two ‘big guns’ from MIT, the #1 rated science/math university in the world dovetailing with Birnbaum’s Theory of Potential  (1988) include the following:

Programming the Universe (Knopf, 2006) by Professor of Quantum Mechanics Seth Lloyd of MIT;
Our Mathematical Universe (Knopf, 2014) by Professor of Physics Max Tegmark of MIT.

Potentialism Theory: Context

Summa Metaphysica has been a Course Text at over a dozen institutions of higher learning globally; it was the focus of a 3 1/2 day international academic conference at Bard College (Upstate, NY) April 2012  (see In turn, the conference set off a global firestorm. At see links (or extracts) for 150+ feature articles/reviews/testimonials of Quest for Potential? theory. Note that there are over 80 focused pieces on Potentialism Theory in the last 18 months alone.
No conceptual flaw has been discerned in the Birnbaum construct (see 7Criteria); indeed, it is self-contained in its By Definition/Self-evident logic. See As noted, Birnbaum’s 1988, 2005, 2014  work is anchored scientifically by the 2006, 2014 dovetailing works of MIT physicists Lloyd and Tegmark respectively.  See
Well over 50,000 volumes of the various Summa books are in circulation; the complete 3-volume work is available gratis on the book’s site in flip-book form. Birnbaum himself is either the author or the editor-in-chief of several important and noteworthy series (see His New Paradigm Matrix publishing platform (see has over 180 thought leaders globally under its aegis.




Cosmology, Metaphysics & Philosophy: See sample testimonial on Summa Metaphysica, David Birnbaum's philosophy treatise:


“a truly stimulating and creative contribution to the post-Shoah discussion…overall direction is one that I find extremely promising… I believe it is the only sensible way to proceed… What is especially appealing about this volume is its ability to draw together new insights and the wisdom of the tradition in a creative synthesis.”

- John T. Pawlikowski, Professor of Social Ethics, M.A. Director, Catholic Theological Union, Member, U.S. Holocaust Memorial Commission, Chicago, IL

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