Theodicy re-visited

Book #1 is primarily devoted to a solution of the age-old problem of the classic problem of Evil: theodicy.

THEODICY: If there is a God who is all-powerful and
all-merciful, why is there gross evil?

The ultimate answer to the philosophical conundrum of God and Evil, however, may transcend neo-classical reasoned philosophical discourse. En toto,
this work, God and Good, is
de facto a philosophical response to theodicy, as well.

“What is it,” French journalist Cheron asks the Jewish writer Wiesel, “that is most radically counter-poised to the mystery of death and the mystery of Evil?”

Replies Elie Wiesel: “The mystery of life and Good.”


No question about it.


Author’s First Midrash

Genesis / “Bereshith”

God’s 100 Archangels

Before the beginning of form

Before the beginning of time

The God of Israel
Lord of Lords
King of Kings

gathered his 100 Archangels

from the far corners of the universe

They stood in a celestial phalanx
10 Archangels deep by 10 Archangels across
Each spanning a light year

Thus, by current measure, the celestial phalanx covered 100 square light years,
if such a comparison can even be made
facing the Divine

I have called you here, Archangels of the Universe
to advise me...
as to whether or not
to create
Heaven and Earth

Advise me, my celestial Archangels

Shall I proceed forward or not?

If I do not proceed, clearly you will never see realization
as more than Ideas
as more than Visions
as more than possibilities

interacting only with the Divine

But you must decide

I seek your celestial counsel.

One by one
the Archangels of the universe
stepped forth......


Do NOT create
admonished the Angel of LIGHT,
There will be too much suffering

Do NOT create
said the Angel of HOPE,
There will be too much suffering
Do NOT create
said the Angel of LOVE,
There will be too much suffering

Do NOT create
said the angel of BEAUTY,
There will be too much suffering

Do NOT create
said the Angel of VICTORY.
There will be too much suffering

Do NOT create
said the Angel of SPIRITUALITY,
There will be too much suffering

Do NOT create
said the Angel of POETRY,
There will be to much suffering

and so it went,
on and on

different Archangels
- but with the same utterance
Angel after Angel
quadrant after quadrant

with but one conclusion......

the Angel of the TIDES
the Angel of JOY
the Angel of CREATIVITY
the Angel of DREAMS
the Angel of ELEGANCE



one Archangel after another
stepped forward
to front–and–center
of the phalanx
faced the Divine

and said
each one almost verbatim

Do NOT create Heaven and Earth
There will be too much suffering

The 75th Angel, the 76th Angel, the 77th Angel...

the 85th, 86th, 87th...

moving towards unanimity...

...95th, 96th, 97th, 98th, 99th...
...up to the 100th Archangel

the one in the very back left quadrant/corner
of the celestial phalanx...

.....the Angel who BURIES the DEAD

and there was the slightest of pauses, almost imperceptible
as the Archangel shuffled his way forward to the his patented trudge.......

stood before the Divine
stood silent for a few moments

then uttered very deliberately...


and thou shalt choose...

[the Angels of HOPE, LOVE and MERCY shifted slightly and coiled...]



and, simultaneous with the utterance...

The God of Israel
King of Kings
Lord of Hosts

arose in all glory from his celestial throne

[all 100 Archangels bowed down]

the Divine stretching forth his right arm

...and in one grand majestic sweep...


Creating the heavens and the earth



MAARIV FOR YOM KIPPUR                                                                           YIGDAL


*A source: Rabbi Nosson Scherman, The Complete Artscroll Machzor
Yom Kippur, Mesorah Publications, Ltd., New York, © 1986, p. 158-159.

[see “Yigdal” prayer (page prior) – in the original Hebrew plus English translation]


SUMMA II will propose that this UNITY
–     encompasses all – and always has
–     is an integrated consciousness
–     keeps evolving or generating additional layers,
layers whose parameters are, perhaps, out of our ability to comprehend at all
–      has at its core, Quest for Potential * b
–     is an outwardly expanding spiraling vortex
–     continuously iterates to  keep re–optimizing and
re–evolving and re–layering
–     mimics on a grand level, that which we do on a human level (or vice versa perhaps being more accurate)
–     drives the cosmic order * c
–     is a penultimate ‘collective’ of all

–   life–force
–   consciousness
–   spirit

*a see also Appendix H
*b à la the Kabbalistic En Sof
*c as per tradition

To give a very rough parallel:

a single individual red blood cell (in a single individual human) IS

to the vast Milky Way Galaxy



a single individual human IS

to the infinite Quest for Potential∞ Unity

note: The Key Term


Quest for Potential∞
should always be understood as
Quest for Potential∞ (recursive to the infinite power)
Quest for Potential∞ (within Potential (within potential... infinitum

Quest for Potential∞

is infinitely recursive;

an infinitely recursive, unique supra-dynamic:

Quest for Potential∞

within Quest for Potential∞

within Quest for Potential∞ ( infinitum)

hence, the INFINITY symbol

Another way of looking at this schematically would be

Q4P ( Q4P ( Q4P .......

Yes, like those wooden Chinese/Russian

dolls-within-a-doll, within-a-doll, etc.,

usually, ~6 – 10 dolls

But in our case, it is a

dynamic-within-a-dynamic, within-a-dynamic, etc.

ad infinitum

(to the power of INFINITY)

– and ad infinitum means an awful lot of
‘coiled potential’

Q4P = Quest for Potential∞

Q4F = Quest for Fulfillment



Quest for Potential∞ is at the core of the Divine

Quest for Potential∞
(to the Infinite Divine Extraordinariation power)
drives the cosmic order
– Book #1

Quest for Potential∞ –

the embryonic Divine infinitely expanding,

fully integrated METAPHYSICAL WOMB –

encompassing all in its wake –
from the beginning

through the forward reaches of TIME

our cosmos –

.....and all cosmos

– as it actually IS the cosmos –

...striving for complete fulfillment

and striving to attain Infinite Divine Extraordinariation


Quest for Potential∞
is at the core of the infinitely questing Divine

They are essentially one-and-the-same

* * *

Quest for Potential∞
IS the cosmic order


The dynamic IS the cosmos


The cosmos IS the dynamic


Quest for Potential∞
gobbles-up ‘nothingness’


“We hope to explain the entire universe in a simple formula you can put on your T-shirt”

– Leon Lederman (Nobel Prize in Physics) 1983


Quest for Potential
(infinitely recursive)


pre-Summa II

    “To my mind, there must be at the bottom of it all, not an utterly simple equation, but an utterly simple IDEA. And to me that idea, when we finally discover it, will be so compelling, and so inevitable, so beautiful, we will all say to each other, ‘How could it have ever been otherwise?’”

–    Professor John Wheeler, former Chair of the
      Physics Department at the University of Texas at Austin,
      (from the PBS science documentary,
      “The Creation of The Universe” 2004)

post-Summa II

    “Birnbaum’s God and Good
        is a major intellectual triumph and
                      potential conceptual breakthrough”

–    Professor John Wheeler
     Professor Emeritus of Physics
      Princeton University, 2006

“All revolutions take time to settle in”

– Lanza del Vasto (1901-1981)

“All that was new in the work, was false,  
and all that was true, was old”

–  May 1859
    sample / negative initial academic reaction
    by Professor Samuel Haughton
    of Dublin, Ireland
    to Charles Darwin’s newly-published
    Origin of Species

Caution to dogmatists:

This book supplants centuries–old perspectives.

This book peels away layers of the cosmic code.

This book attempts to “cut-to-the-core”.

Parental guidance suggested.

David Birnbaum Summa Metaphysica philosophy treatise proposes an original theory unifying science and religion - an integrated philosophy-theogony-cosmogony-teleology-theodicy. See also David Birnbaum Quest for Potential, Theory of Everything, Cosmic Womb of Potential.

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