Summa Metaphysica by David Birnbaum proposes an Overarching Metaphysics:
a unifying drive and concept of the universe.

Summa Theory pegs-off of one single unique (original) concept/dynamic - Birnbaum's (Holy) Quest for Potential∞ to craft a unified/elegant/original/powerful/internally-consistent metaphysics.

Birnbaum proposes that Potential/Possibility is 'by definition' Eternal. He maintains that the eternality of Potential/Possibility is self-evident.

The author asserts that Q4P∞ (Quest for Potential - Infinitely iterated) captures the entire cosmic dynamic in one simple-yet-sophisticated formula. Q4P∞ is ‘infinite,’ ‘nested,’ and indeed, uniquely ‘infinitely nested’.


To the spiritual, this Potential is the Metaphysical God of Potential:
Eheyeh Asher Eheyeh:
I Will Be That Which I Will Be (Book of Exodus 3:14)
The Infinite Divine. Shadai. The Source. Holy Quest for Potential
The kabbalistic En Sof (‘The No-End’)
Secular or Holy, the grand cosmic journey of Potential advances-onward to this day.

With Freedom - axiomatically integral to Potential - being consequently inviolate, as well.
(This 'axiomatic play' is integral to Summa's proposed resolution of the classic Theodicy connundrum.)


No flaw - or weakness - has been discerned in Summa Theory to date. (note: Summa 1 was published in 1988 by KTAV Publishing.)

Summa Theory – via its core proposed theme of POTENTIAL – handles the key classic inter-related Metaphysics questions –
( see )

Birnbaum employs a series of custom-crafted creative concepts along-the-way
aside from his iconic Quest for Potential∞

These include –





Summa Theory is positioned to quite-elegantly fill-in the key gaps in contemporary science.

Summa fights neither Religion nor Science. Indeed, Summa Theory wraps-around all (repeat: all) scientific fact.

Summa Theory thus actually proposes a simultaneous key to the origin-of, nurturing-of, and development-of - the universe, life, consciousness amongst the panoply of cosmic dynamics.

Summa works elegantly across-the-board: Its cosmology dovetails seamlessly with its theogony, cosmology-cosmogony, theodicy, purpose-question and teleology.

Seamless is nice.

Respectfully, Summa Metaphysica by David Birnbaum is elegant and powerful – and fully-integrated across a wide gamut of key philosophical-metaphysical-theological-scientific issues.

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