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It is hard to have a perfectly equal give and take. The reason is that life does not provide those equal kinds of opportunities in relationships such as friends and boy friend and girl friend and even families. While you might be good at being next to your friend and listening to him/her patiently whenever your friend needs you, another friend might be more good at speaking and keeping in touch. Everyone has strengths and personality traits that play into the give and take of their friendship.

While give and take is never totally equal, you should do your best as a friend, family member, spouse to endure you’re putting all your effort to the other partner.


Surrounding yourself with people

who consistently TAKE more than they GIVE,

is obviously sub-optimal

After they have drained you of your Qi,

they will simply move on

– to their next victim

주는것보다 가지는것을 더 하는

사람들 사이에 있는것은

분명히 차선이다

그들이 너를 너의 Qi로 부터 빼낸다면

그들은 다음 희생자에게로 갈것이다

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