CNN: Push-Pull

Seoptember 4, 2014

CNN: Push-Pull



Philosophy: The Push–Pull of the Cosmic Order

Designed by independent metaphysicist David Birnbaum, Potentialism is a cosmic theory steadily gaining traction in this new millennium. Unlike Randomness/Atheistic Theory of the 20th century, Potentialism states that the universe is advancing and ever-richer pursuant to its Quest for Infinite Potential. Q4P∞ (for short) states that everything in the universe has an inherent drive to grow in ever increasing Complexification – complexity/sophistication/variety/wondrousness.

As described in his three part treatise in Summa Metaphysica I, II and III (Ktav, 1988; New Paradigm Matrix, 2005; and New Paradigm Matrix, 2014), Birnbaum states that Q4P∞ directs the universe towards a state called Extraordinariation – an, as-yet, unrealized and perhaps unattainable state of perfect super complexity. Far beyond simple mechanical complexity, E+ (Extraordinariation) represents a metaphysical state of complexity in physical form as well as emotional and intellectual existence – in short, the perfect form of all that makes up the universe.

One byproduct of Q4P∞ is what Birnbaum calls the Push-Pull dynamic. This Push–Pull is dualistic in nature and an overarching dynamic in both the physical world as well as emotive expression. In physical terms – it can be equated with positive and negative; energy/mass and vacuum; or light and darkness. In metaphysical terms, it is the Yin and Yang or the male and female. Each has a distinct, but complementary state, and they are fundamentally intertwined and complementary to each other.


Push: Quest for Potential v. Pull: Extraordinariation

Push: Achievement v. Pull: Fulfillment

Push – Representing the neo-male, the Push is the active side of the duality. It is the creative drive of creation. Its first moments can be seen in the Big Bang itself, when matter and energy burst forth into the universe. Whether it be called the divine spark or simply a force of nature, it is what drives creation, innovation and complexity. The Push itself, and the entangled friction of the Pull were what brought forth the creation of our current universe. It is important to note that Push represents Quest for Potential, but without goal there is nowhere for it to go. That is where Pull comes into play.

Pull–Pull is the universal draw, the neo-female embodiment of attraction and allure. Pull is what gives the Push direction and meaning. Like physical lovers, Pull embodies what gives Push meaning. It is the inspiration to the prime-mover. If this sounds similar to physical lovers, it is no coincidence. Potentialism is made of infinite recursion. The broader dynamics of the universe play out on different levels, sizes and aspects of reality. It is natural that humans would follow the same dynamic of the larger cosmic order.

The Push–Pull Dynamic – The interplay or cosmic tango as Birnbaum more eloquently references it,

is what drives the universe to ever greater creation and complexification. Without this interplay, the world as we know it would not exist. In some sense, to help understand this dynamic, one can picture Push as loosely equivalent to Q4P∞. Conversely, Pull has strong elements of E+. This is understood because E+ is the draw, the end goal that Q4P∞ strives for actively.

Per Summa Metaphysica, Push provides the fuel and the spark, Pull provides the meaning and purpose and fulfillment. In an eternal intertwined dance, they allow the universe to unfold on its journey. It is this great cosmic interplay that gives structure and energy to the central drive of the universe – Q4P∞ → E+.




Cosmology, Metaphysics & Philosophy: See sample testimonial on Summa Metaphysica, David Birnbaum's philosophy treatise:


“…a challenging new hypothesis…compelling…intellectually stimulating. It took me back again to my Roman Catholic seminary studies of Aquinas. I felt again the pull of great ideas, the struggles of Masters grappling with Mysteries…respectful of the past while carefully positing new positions… His solution deserves to be given serious consideration…”

- Gerard A. Vanderhaar, Professor of Religion and Peace Studies, Catholic Brothers College, Memphis, TN

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