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Summa Metaphysica’s Potentialism Theory: Overview

Do Science and Religion actually converge at their core roots?

Does one concept/dynamic – Birnbaum’s hypothesized Infinite Quest for Potential – Q4P for short – unify all?

Does the proposal unite not only Science and Religion in general, but Metaphysics, Philosophy (Eastern & Western & Kabbalistic), Cosmology, Astrophysics, Macro-Physics and Micro-Physics, Anthropology and Evolutionary Biology – in particular – for starters?

Quest for Potential (Q4P )

the Cosmic DNA

albeit  (hitherto) beneath-the-radar

the cosmic Common Denominator
see  www.TTOE1000.com
see  www.Summametaphysica.com/ireport-denominator/

sui generis –
not quite classic Religious; not quite classic Secular/Scientific
but some  
unique cosmic hybrid,  at the root of all
somewhere between ‘Divine’ and ‘divine’

the closest parallel  might be  the  En Sof  (the No End primordial Divine)
from 16th century Lurianic Kabbalah
see  www.Summametaphysica.com/lurianic1000/
see  www.SummaKabbalah.com

at the Convergence-point…
where all fields converge at their core
at the tap-root of the Cosmic Order

simultaneously,  both
at the tap-root
and ....overarching

the  Alpha (eternal origin/ progenitor) &
the cosmic teleology (direction/arrow/purpose) &
the Omega (eternal destination) 

see https://www.summametaphysica.com/theory-core/

Conceptual Theorist David Birnbaum of Manhattan makes-the-case over his 3-volume treatise, Summa Metaphysica.  See PotentialismTheory.com. As well, see www.summametaphysica.com/the-q4p/.

Potentialism Theory: The Summa series

Summa Metaphysica I: Religious Man: God and Evil (Ktav, November 1988);
Summa Metaphysica II: Spiritual Man: God and Good (New Paradigm Matrix, March 2005);
Summa Metaphysica III: Secular Man: The Transcendent Dynamic (New Paradigm Matrix, January 2014).
See www.SummaMetaphysica.com.

Context: Potentialism Theory

The series was the focus of a 3 1/2 day international academic conference at Bard College (Upstate, NY) April 2012 (see Conference1000.com). A global academic war ensued (see Firestorm1000.com).

No conceptual flaw has been discerned in the Birnbam construct, and, indeed, it is self-contained in its By Definition/Self-evident logic. See ByDefinition1000.com and GutQuestions.com.

Summa Metaphysica has been a Course Text at over a dozen colleges globally; there are over 80 focused pieces globally on the theory in the last 18 months alone. See links for 150+ feature articles/reviews/testimonials on PotentialismTheory at SummaCoverage.com.

Over 50,000 volumes of the various Summa books are in circulation; Aside from availability in SoftCover and electronic editions via contemporary commercial channels, the complete 3-volume work is available, as well, gratis on the Summa Metaphysica site in flip-book form.

Potentialism Theory: Dovetailing: MIT & NYU

Recent hi-level academic works dovetailing with Birnbaum's Potentialism Theory

Programming the Universe (Knopf, 2006) by Professor of Quantum Mechanics Seth Lloyd of MIT;
Mind & Cosmos (Oxford Press, 2012)  by Professor of Philosophy & Law Thomas Nagel of NYU;  Our Mathematical Universe (Knopf, 2014) by Professor of Physics Max Tegmark of MIT.
See  xMIT1000 and see Checkmate.

Potentialism Theory: Paradigm Challenge

Via his revolutionary unified theory (see Unifying1000.com) David Birnbaum has instigated a global paradigm challenge (see PotentialismTheory.com/ParadigmChallenge/).

Birnbaum himself is either the author or the editor-in-chief of several important and noteworthy series (see BirnbaumBio.com). He is editor-in-chief of in-the-works 10-volume Mesorah Matrix series (Mesorah1000.com); over 180 global thought leaders are signed-up for the landmark series which will be published by the Birnbaum media platform New Paradigm Matrix (NPM1000.com).


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