Embedded Infinities

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February 5, 2015

Embedded Infinities


Playing with Infinity

Three Key Embedded Infinities in Birnbaum’s signature concept – Quest for Potential?

David Birnbaum of Manhattan is the founder of Potentialism Theory (see PotentialiamTheory.com). The centerpiece of the theory is that one dynamic – and one dynamic alone – drives the Cosmic Order. The dynamic is hypothesized to be Quest for Potential?. But exactly what is the infinity sign referring to?

Birnbaum knew that his theory would meet with resistance from the establishment academic community, and Birnbaum has hinted on more than one occasion that he did not want ‘to overload’ the doyens of Oxford and Cambridge.

On the surface, it would appear that the signature dynamic of Conceptual Theorist David Birnbaum’s

(proposed) core cosmic dynamic has just one infinity embedded in it. But does it not have at least three? On the basis of Birnbaum’s writings it would seem that we, indeed, have three:

  1. Eternally infinite Quest for Potential
  2. Infinitely nested Quest for Potential
  3. Infinitely telescoping-forward in time Quest for Potential

Some terminology:

# The ‘cosmos’ refers to everything-everything, metaphysical and physical. The ‘universe’ refers to our own, known post-Big Bang physical universe.

# Q4P is the shorthand notation for Quest for Potential?. See www.summametaphysica.com/logical-science/. Many keyboards do not have a readily-available infinity sign; therefore, for ease of communication the infinity sign has been dropped in the shorthand notation (but many deploy the infinity sign in the shorthand notation as well, in any event).

1) Eternally infinite – tracking-backwards – Quest for Potential

Physics:  Physics can describe the universe back to the Big Bang. Interestingly though, physics as we know it today, may have been ‘re-born’ at the Big Bang. Particle, quantum, Newtonian and relativity physics were most probably  de facto at a minimum ‘re-invented’ during those first initial moments.

Thus, it may be incorrect to state dogmatically that physics as we know it today is necessarily 100% eternal; indeed, it is a subject of debate. Birnbaum’s position is that primordial physics is eternal and was marshaled by Q4P to ignite the Cosmic Order; per metaphysicist Birnbaum, physics may or may not have morphed over time.

Potential: Hypothesized Potential is the only truly infinite and eternal cosmic dynamic. It is both ruler of the current cosmic order and the associated rules of physics. While the physics of the universe may have evolved, the eternally infinite eternal origin has not. Q4P is the “fire” which spawned universal creation and still governs it today – the universe’s quest to reach for its own ultimate Potential. See ExaminerPurpose.com.

Indeed, Quest for Potential? is eternally infinite. Hence, Infinity #1 of the formula.

2) Infinitely nested Quest for Potential

Multi-generations of humans: The straightforward example of nesting is grandparent > parent > child > grandchild ad infinitum (hopefully); all the potentials down the road are nested within the grandparent.

Beyond humans: The cosmic dynamic is infinitely nested. One of the most interesting conceptualizations of Potentialism is that Potential must not only be pervasive throughout the cosmos but also infinitely nested from the micro to macro scale. See TTOE1000.com. Further Potentialism is defined in form by ever increasing complexity. (Birnbaum more precisely labels this Complexification (see complexfication1000.com).

Moving from the micro to macro, it is clear to see the undeniable raising in complexity at each step. Particles coalesce into atoms; these in turn coalesce into molecules and then compounds; and finally into planets and the stars themselves – which in turn are arranged in solar systems and the greater galaxies they are a part of. The systems continually grow larger and more complex.

Thus, infinitely embedded potentialities are a key component of Q4P. Hence, Infinity #2.

3) Infinitely telescoping-forward in time Quest for Potential?

Potential itself is also inherently telescoping-forward to the forward reaches of time. One example would be the individual human. That single person contains all the Potential of what they can be in terms of growth and complexity. But a person also has the Potential to have children. Thus, within them is not only their own potential, but that of their children and their children’s children ad infinitum. An infinite potential within an infinite potential, nesting without end.

Interestingly, this “future potential” within each person allows Potential its telescoping effect forward in time. All things are both what they are and the infinite sum of what they may someday become. As Potential, this effect exists in all things, not just people. Even dust in the cold of space can someday coalesce into a star.

The stardust from exploding supernova stars ultimately coalesces into that single human just noted in the paragraph just above. We see the direct trajectory from the Big Bang > stars  >  humans >  to their potentially infinite line of descendants.

Further, due to its overarching nature, Potential is the most powerful force shaping the universe around us. It is infinitely nested, thus permeating all levels and scales. More importantly though, Potential is infinitely telescoping forward in time. This is a key to the true power of Potential.

Quest for Potential? telescopes infinitely forward in time. Hence, Infinity #3.

An unending universe of infinities

It can be seen that potential is both infinite and infinitely embedded in multiple ways. It is the eternally infinite eternal origin. As such, it is the only thing that can be truly said to have definitely existed before even the universe itself. This also makes it the only viable catalyst to have –somehow in some manifestation – crafted the cosmos as we know it.

Potential is the prime mover and alpha and omega of universal creation. Quest for Infinite Potential strives infinitely onward  stretching from eternal origins to the far reaches of time.

In December 2014 David Birnbaum was asked directly why he did not notate his concept ?3 (super-superscript. He answered as follows: “There are, indeed, at least three infinities embedded in Quest for Potential – tracking backwards, nested, and telescoping forward; but we are not quite sure how to count them in formal mathematical terms; in any event, we might ultimately be surprised by the true number of embedded infinities; for the record, however, in principle I would have no problem with a super-superscript 3.”

editor’s note: Of course, the journals – online and other – would probably all overload from article  submissions with super-superscripts. As it is, the one superscript infinity ( ? ) causes considerable issues with the journals.




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