Extraordinariation (E+)

The cosmic goal is profound

Quest for Potential is probing and searching for

...the elusive Extraordinariation
In turn, Extraordinariation would include, but not be limited to, ultimate –

grandeur…elegance…beauty…symmetry…fulfillment....consciousness…harmony…artistry… symphony…spirituality...perfection…humanitarianism…romancing… love…parenting...meaning...altruism…mercy…

E+ would, as well, represent ultimate -

[These six 'themes' are the components of
the intermediate dynamic Complexification (C+)
which feeds-into Extraordinariation (E+).]

– plus possibilities and potentials as yet not precisely known either to us
to Quest for Potential itself

Thus, to put it mildly, E+ is a ‘tall order.’

In combination, the possible outermost-limit realization of the myriad potentials above –
both the known and unknown – would define the extraordinaration goal.

In parallel to the concept of infinity,
extraordnariation is a goal to be sought, but conceptually not ever quite-fully realized.

Let's use the
shorthand  notation :   E+
for Summa's extraordinariation

Now,  E+  is much more than ‘complexity’

even though it is most often also complex;

but all super-complex is not necessarily   E+

Meaning, the cosmic goal is the super-profound   E+

and not simply complexity per se.

It is currently scientifically fashionable in some (cutting-edge and quite-sophisticated) scientific quarters to delineate ‘complexity’ as the cosmic goal; however ‘complexity’ is a more pedestrian manifestation  than E+;  the cosmos has no particular need for ‘complexity’ per se; only to the extent that it (ultimately) advances  E+. The cosmos has a strong predilection for the extraordinary; but, oftentimes it takes complexity to get to ‘extraordinary’

One could argue that all E+ goals are inherently complex, whether or not one discerns the complexity; but I am far from convinced that such is the case.

Take for example Mozart’s music

It is extraordinary and profound, but does ‘complexity’ stand out?

One can readily make-the-case within the context of Summa that Mozart’s music would qualify for E+

Note that the relationship of complexity to E+ is  somewhat parallel to the relationship between the tip of the iceberg (which is visible) to the underwater part of the iceberg (the dominant part) which is not so readily apparent/visible.

But also note that there is a whole other level to this subject.

On the next very crucial level,
incorporates potentials which neither 21st century man  can conceptualize,
nor which Q4P itself  can (fully) conceptualize

Indeed, Q4P may not fully conceptualize a new Potential until it is
just X levels away

and maybe NOT if it is X+1 levels away

We do not know exactly how prescient Q4P is

We do not know if –
A) Q4P’s forward-conceptualization is an On/Off switch
( depending on how many levels away it is )
B) a matter of degree

Probably (B), but not definitely.

Now, what were you saying about 22nd Century man with super-consciousness?


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