October 7, 2014


Potentialism for Teens

Life Coaching through the Lens of the Theory of Potential

Potentialist Theory is about growth. Designed by David Birnbaum, the Cosmological Theory of Potentialism describes a universe of infinite potential.

The Quest for Infinite Potential is a ground-breaking theory of cosmology for the 21st Century. Crafted by metaphysicist and private scholar David Birnbaum, Potentialism is laid out in the three-part treatise, Summa Metaphysica I, II and III (Ktav, 1988; New Paradigm Matrix, 2005; New Paradigm Matrix, 2014).

As Potentialism is about growth, it is only natural that Potentialism takes a special interest in teens – the future of our planet (see Youngsters in their teens are in a pivotal zone of their lives; they should recognize their place in the cosmos – both now and in the future.

Beyond that, Birnbaum has taken upon himself the task of teaching teens how they may maximize their own potential – realizing better the ideals the cosmos has to offer them (see Following is a consolidated brief on Birnbaum's message to the youth of every nation.

The Potentialism Life Coach:

Some key concepts for teens

Be the best that you can be

Inherent in everyone is the limitless Potential they can become. You may seek education, enrich yourselves spiritually, grow a family...the list is endless. What is important is recognizing the Potential you innately have within yourself. Teens must actively seek after their Potential.

Within everyone is the full Potential of being. People can realize this potential by seeking it. But potential is not a guaranteed win. It requires drive, focus and a will to achieve. Human beings are empty vessels for Potential to fill. However, it requires effort to do so.

Most importantly, remember that this potential is within yourself; its attainment doesn't come without effort, but everyone is special and has the potential for excellence, if not greatness.

Hierarchize your goals

Every-so-often write down your key goals, and prioritize them. This will embed a marker in your psyche. Then, as you go through life, be alert to any (new) information or (new) strategies or (new) contacts which might bring these goals to fruition – or might help optimize them.


Convert negativity to positivity (aka ‘Energy Conversion’)

Try to convert (jiu jitsu) the negative energy from any setback into positive energy –
driving you towards your goals. Use the ‘negative energy’ as an impetus to drive towards your goals.

Always think on three time horizons: Short, Medium and Long term

All three are important. Do not overemphasize the short term. Your ‘life strategy’ must wind-its-way thru all three zones.

Failing to assess the life strategy through the three zones will keep you from maximizing your true potential. Only when we think on these three levels can we actualize our full potential.


Life Goals

Most important are your life goals. View these as goals/horizons to be approached. Of course, life goals, like all goals, can be crystallized better as we move through our 20s and 30s. But it’s nice to start thinking about them.

Your place in the cosmos

Never lose sight of the fact that you are special; that you are important; and that the universe has a special place for you. As the offspring of Potential, we are all necessary gears in the universe. Whether you know it or not, you are fulfilling a special place in the universe, and your being here is necessary (see


Personal Growth

Always remember the vast Potential within yourself. When planning your career, keep an eye on your personal growth. We are hard-wired, as children of Potential, to achieve while on this planet. Plan your career to help achieve those ends, and you will find you are not only more successful, but happier and more fulfilled.

Fulfilling life partner long term relationships

We are designed to find love and fulfilling relationships. In seeking such, we must always remember to look past what isn't really important. ‘Just a pretty face’ will not in the long term fill the longing in our soul that seeks to connect deeply. We must find that “other half” which seeks to fulfill our lives – raising it to greater levels – enveloping the emotional and spiritual bonds we naturally seek out.

Passion should be tethered to a secure financial future

Meaning, there is no imperative to link your financial future to your passion. One-way-or-another,
you must see a relatively clear path to a secure financial future.

Bringing out our Potential

We must always actively seek-out that which brings-out the most in our Potential – be it career options, relationships, education, side passions. We must always ask ourselves: In the end, does this path or action-step help me develop or bring-out the bountiful Potential that is within me? See




Cosmology, Metaphysics & Philosophy: See sample testimonial on Summa Metaphysica, David Birnbaum's philosophy treatise:


"Wiesel and Birnbaum share a deep respect for, and loyalty to, their ancestral faith. Yet the contrast between their approaches is ultimately perhaps as instructive as the approaches themselves. Birnbaum's approach is essentially that of the Intellectual, philosopher, and theologian…"


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