There is no perfect love. There are both sides of greatness and badness in love. Falling in love with someone is only the beginning. It is the first step everyone feels great about. But this beginning usually does not last long. I believe that we choose to love. Love is a decision that you make. For example, marriage may not last forever. Some couple divorce after several years of their marriage. They may problems with finance, or some other issues. Birnbaum on page 31 describes as “great, dangerous, elusive, attainable, sublime, and craze.. ” It is interesting that love has all kinds of emotions. Love.. the word seems positive and everyone seems like favoring that word. However, Birnbaum shows reality and harmony with the negative and the positive. One thing that Birnbaum always appreciate is children. Things can change, Things can be gone, Things can be great, But Children is always great.

Love is great, Love is dangerous.
Love is elusive. Love is attainable.
Love is sublime. Love makes us craze.

Love is great. Love is terrible.
Marriage is great. Marriage is terrible.
Children are great. Children are great.

완벽한 사랑은 없다. 사랑은 나쁜쪽과 좋은쪽 둘다를 포함한다. 누군가를 사랑한다는것은 그저 시작일 뿐이다. 나는 사랑하는것은 우리가 선택하는 일이라고 생각한다. 선택사항. 예를들어, 결혼이 평생 지속되지 않을수 있다. 어떤 커플들은 결혼한 몇년뒤에 이혼할수있다. 아마 그들은 경제적인 문제때문 혹은 다른 문제때문에 이혼할수도 있다. 범바움은 53페이지에, 사랑을 “훌륭한, 위험한, 힘든, 얻을수 있는, 좋은, 크레이즈” 라고 표현한다. 근데 아이들은 항상 사랑해야한다고 한다. 범바움은 사랑이라는 단어를 현실적이면서 긍정적인것과 부정적인것의 조화를 잘 이뤄 책에 표현한다.

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