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Metaphysical Anchoring


Likewise, conceptual theorist Birnbaum explains, within the framework of the Quest for Potential, the profound ‘space’ of religion. To the religious community, Summa's Potential Theory shows that there is not only a key place for the divine, but a powerful metaphysical anchoring. Potential Theory shows that denying the possibility of the divine would be a denial of the universe's full potential. Citing Biblical reference, Birnbaum meticulously lays-out how Potential is embedded and interlaced in holy text itself.

A key segment of the Five Books of Moses is the Burning Bush saga – in the desert outside the Egyptian capital – before Moses is to approach Pharaoh to free the Israelites. In the Book of Exodus (3:16-22) Moses witnesses the unquenchable flame of the Burning Bush – and asks the Divine its identity – the name of God.

I WILL BE THAT WHICH I WILL BE is the response of God. Birnbaum reads this as - “I am the God of Potential.” Birnbaum then links the God of Potential to the God of Freedom of the first of the Ten Commandments.

Indeed, Summa's Theory of Potential anchors the intrinsic receptivity of the cosmos to the existence of the Divine. Spirituality has an integral place in a universe questing for infinite divine potential and advancing towards extraordinariation.


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