More than 'nothing'; not quite 'something'

Summa Metaphysica’s Double-Play Dynamic

The primodial incarnation of Quest for Potential


The primordial Eternal Origins 'solution'

As we peel-away layers of the Cosmic Code and build-out Potentialism Theory,
we want to re-focus on eternal origins.


The core question to the metaphysics community was – ‘Per your cosmology, is there an eternal origin concept which, indeed, passes muster?’

The primordial eternal origins ‘concept’ needs to be in the zone of -
‘more than 'nothing’; but not quite 'something'.

Why is that? For our primordial eternal theme, we want a theme that
(a) on-the-one hand, is as close as possible to pure 'nothing', because it becomes 'easier’ to posit that as eternal. And, of course,
(b) has the guts of Quest for Potential embedded within it, and
(c) finally, is adroit and powerful enough to morph into our infinitely powerful overarching dynamic (our overarching Quest for Potential.

Meaning, we are seeking a sort-of schizophrenic theme: ‘Almost-nothing’ on the one-hand; yet, morph-able into the overarching cosmic dynamic on the other hand. (We hope that the schizophrenic aspect does not reflect upon ourselves ; )

So, first-step, we’re looking for a sort-of ‘nothing+’. See

We see that for the sake of strengthening the over-all Potentialism proposition, it appears that we do need to clearly position Potential/Possibility as primordial Quest for Potential.
Why is that ? Because we first want the most ethereal-possible of ‘concepts’ to be our ‘eternal’ concept; of course, somehow this same most ethereal-possible of ‘concepts’ must then be able to somehow morph into an overarching infinite cosmic dynamic to ignite, drive and direct the Cosmic Order. Sounds like a Mission Impossible task; but we seem to have vectored-onto the ‘prime suspect’: Potential/Possibility.

Now, ‘Potential/Possibility’ is more than 'nothing'; but it is close to being 'something’. For-starters, that is precisely where we want it to be. For-starters it is sort-of ‘nothing+’. So far, so good.
Now, our signature theme of Quest for Potential is already ‘something’. And, not only is it ‘something’, it actually morphs into ‘everything’. Thus, more ethereal ‘Potential/Possibility’ suits our palate better - as being the lean-and-mean super-ethereal ‘nothing+’…..primordial Quest for Potential - eventually morphing into ‘everything’.

The 'springboard' for Q4P

As alluded-to, at the same time, we need that eternal 'nothing+' to conceptually be able to (elegantly and almost seamlessly) morph into (all-powerful) Quest for Potential. Conceptually, Potential/Possibility fits-that-bill, as well, of primordial 'Quest for Potential '.

'Potential/Possibility' fits all three of the (quite-challenging) criteria noted above. Of course, it has taken civilization a while to discern it. See

Enhanced SuperLaw sequence
Our enhanced SuperLaw sequence is thus -

P/P > Q4P > C+ > E+

( where P/P) = the potential/possibility of the potential/possibility of the potential/possibility ad infinitum of Potential/Possibility

One theme: various manifestations

But, first remember that these are all - each and every one of these themes/cosmic building blocks – various ‘plays’ on Potential.

Furthermore, as articulated, there is no clear divide from one theme to the next; rather, they flow one into the other.

Further, as delineated, each is presumably a (multi-dimensional) spectrum, as opposed to a fixed ‘whatever’.

Presumably the case can/will be made that each is (somehow, on some level) embedded within the other;
that remains to be explored.

The morphings from one stage to another are step-ups - sort-of mega Quantum Jumps). At this point-in-time, we presumably do not have the lexicon – or the level of consciousness – to articulate these transitions significantly better.

Next question:
What impels the transition from Potential/Possibility to Quest for Potential - and then on to the Big Bang, C+ and on to E+?

As just alluded-to, inherent-in and embedded-in the very theme Potential/Possibility, is a (slight?) future-facing thrust. This (slight?) future-facing thrust may have been all that was needed to orient the entire metaphysical Cosmic Order into the direction of our universe.

Also note that Summa II elucidates another wedge into this question, the response proposed by Solomon Birnbaum (David’s son, age 11 at-the-time in 2004); see Summa II: God and Good: Part I: Zeta: Principia Metaphysica – sequence 1600 (on page 130):
“The void could not take it anymore.” mmmmm. The brain-trust surrounding the series author bought into it.

Over a decade later, as we enter 2015, that theme still resonates as a satisfying component of the metaphysics. Sort of saying - ‘Voids abhor voids’.

Ongoing investigation

One can – and probably should – always drill-down further and deeper into the eternal origins question. One can always endeavor to slice the eternal concept thinner and thinner.

At the same time, even a super-purist metaphysicist needs to maintain some sense of proportion. Why? Because, as we are neo-finite neo-mortals, we seek not the perfect metaphysics, but the most powerful & elegant metaphysics.

Yes, we ever-endeavor to fine-tune and perfect the construct. At the same time, we must ask ourselves - At what point does this become a maniacal endeavor? Hopefully, we have not to-date crossed that divide.



note: Potentialism Theory = Quest for Potential Theory = Q4P-Theory = Theory of Potential


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