October 9, 2014


Philosopher David Birnbaum's Summa Metaphysica challenges for the throne of metaphysics -  cosmology - philosophy.  See Science & Religion.

David Birnbaum’s Philosophical Breakthrough:

Q4P and DNA: Potentialism and Blueprint of Life

By Mark Davis

definitions of some key terms in Potentialism

Quest for Potential (shorthand notation: Q4P) – the eternal and overarching cosmic dynamic – questing and iterating infinitely for maximum/optimal Potential.

Complexification (shorthand notation: C+) – subordinate to Q4P, it is the intermediate-level universal drive towards ever-greater complexity/sophistication/richness/diversity/wondrousness

Extraordinariation (shorthand notation: E+) the horizon/goal of the overarching Quest for Potential
and its ‘handmaiden’ C+; alternatively, ultimate Complexification.

Beginning in 1988, cosmology saw the birth of an entirely new theory of the universe: Potentialism. Independent metaphysicist David Birnbaum of Manhattan released Summa Metaphysica I (Ktav, 1988) and in one stroke changed the very face of cosmology forever. Followed up in 2005 and 2014 by Summa Metaphysica II and III (New Paradigm Matrix), Birnbaum described a universal dynamic governing how the cosmos operated – Potentialism. According to Potentialist theory, the entirety of the universe is driven, purposefully by Birnbaum’s hypothesized dynamic – infinite Quest for Potential (Q4P).

Q4P is delineated as an overarching universal drive – characterized as a natural force, which drives everything in existence to seek higher levels of Complexification. It is often described by the formula – Q4P > C+ > E+. This is also known as Potentialism’s SuperLaw.

So, Complexification drives the universe forward towards the elusive Extraordinariation. Extraordinariation is a hypothetical state of hyper-Complexification. Beyond mere physics, E+ is a state not only characterized by hyper levels of system complexification, but also descriptive in ultimate terms of Complexification – thought, beauty, emotion, consciouness – in short, a state of ultimate perfection. While E+ is not something actually ever to be attained, it nevertheless provides a goal/horizon.

According to Birnbaum, such is the pervasive nature of Potential – and its related SuperLaw – that it can be found, without exception, throughout the universe. It is pervasive so much so that its mere presence can be overlooked and taken for granted.

One such area is the pervasive and most basic building block of all life on the planet, DNA. We will elucidate how DNA provides a very pure form of Potentialism, displaying some of the most fundamental of Potential requirements.

A simple spiral code

A basic feature of Potentialism is the omnipresence of spiral geometry. It has been conjectured by Birnbaum this may be indicative of physical/metaphysical “echoes” of the interplay between Q4P and E+. The Q4P and E+ dynamic states that the duality type nature of these components requires them to spiral mathematically with one another as they both act, in turn, as both catalyst and result for one another.

This spiral design is repeated on macro scales both at the galactic and solar system levels. While the latter is less obvious – people usually think the plates orbits in ellipses or circles – it must be remembered that the solar system is in turn revolving around the galactic core, actually imparting a spiral design into the seeming elliptical orbits.

Likewise, at the DNA level, the spiral is the basic shape of our DNA structures and of all life on the planet. Unlike gravity, which shapes the macro, the double helix of DNA is governed by the hydrophobic properties of the proteins between its strands.

Those four basic proteins, which provide the entire “computer code” of all life, protect themselves from water by spiraling and stacking close together. What is most interesting to Potentialists though, is even though the physical laws governing spiral creation are entirely different on the cell level than the macro scale spirals, the results are always the same – universal spirals as Potentialism dictates. Coupled with the extremely simple four “letter” code of life, DNA is a very clear sample of Potentialism at work.


Another requirement, and far more important to Potentialists, is the universality of DNA. Without exception, all life – whether plant or animal – is governed by DNA. It defines everything about what a creature or plant will look like and how its bio-systems will operate. But DNA is not only universal on an inter-species level.

DNA also exists universally within every organism. Strictly speaking, that is a slight exaggeration as cells such as red blood cells lack a nucleus (in some animals and humans, at least) to house DNA. However, that is an evolutionary adaptation. Red blood cells destroy their nucleus in order to carry more oxygen more efficiently. But, they do start with a nucleus when created. Without it, a red blood cell could not define itself and self-design to be what it is needed to be.

So, we can see that both on the inter-species level as well as the individual level, DNA is utterly pervasive in life forms of all types. Every cell contains the blueprint for making the entirety of the organism it is contained within. This certainly satisfies the universal requirement of Potential.

Infinite complexity

But the most important aspect, if DNA is to be a reflection of Potentialism, is infinite Complexification. If DNA is to be a physical herald of Potentialism, then at its core it must be the spark and catalyst to greater levels of Complexification. On this level, DNA truly shines to meet the demands.

While utterly simple in its structure of only four proteins protected by sugars and phosphates, DNA contains within it the code for every possible form of life as we know it. The one simple double helix itself can become anything with life – be it plant, animal, even mankind. Thus it contains, truly, the vast Complexity that is all life.

Further, within DNA is the coded design for reproduction – be it through division or sexual – it is the catalyst for a life to be grown, but it is also the catalyst for all future generations. This is a hallmark of Potential – as Potential's infinite nature of Complexity is the ability to hold the Potential for future life as well as its own.

Finally, DNA also changes – it is the carrier of evolution. It is where the genetic changes can occur that give life to new species and new mutations that potentially branch off into new species. All in all, this makes DNA a powerful representative of the power of Potentialism at work. It is the road map on which Q4P seeks out its eternal destiny towards Extraordinariation.

No flaw has been discerned in Birnbaum’s Theory of Potential since first introduced to the world
via Summa I (Ktav Publishing, 1988). Summa Metaphysica was the featured and prime focus of a 3+ day international academic conference hosted by Bard College (Upstate NY, March 2012). See www.Conference1000.com).

A Course Text at over a dozen colleges (see SummaCourseText), Summa Metaphysica
has been the focus of over fifty feature articles in 2013-2014 alone. See www.SummaCoverage.com.

Recent hi-level academic works dovetailing with Birnbaum's Theory of Potential (see www.PotentialismTheory.com ) include the following:

Programming the Universe (Knopf, 2006)
by Professor of Quantum Mechanics Seth Lloyd of MIT.

Mind & Cosmos (Oxford University Press, 2012)
by Professor of Philosophy & Law Thomas Nagel of NYU.

Our Mathematical Universe (Knopf, 2014)
by Professor of Physics Max Tegmark of MIT.

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