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The Second Law of Thermodynamics


The Second Law is a mechanical theory about the time evolution of isolated closed systems.

The Second Law does not enter the core debate about a grand metaphysics focused on the origins, essence and overarching dynamics of the universe.


However, if we did engage in the discussion vis a' vis Second Law, we would enter the discussion as-follows:

[ suggest / first see Second Law of Thermodynamics Wiki ].

Note: "Current observational evidence suggests that our universe will expand forever"
Programming the Universe, Seth Lloyd, Vintage , NY 2007, p. 206

So, let’s work with the working assumption that the universe is advancing and expanding - onward and forever.


The Second Law presents strong support for Potentialism Theory.

Our universe keeps on advancing, and, indeed, expanding. Thus, per Second Law, some dynamic must be overriding the inherent entropy-factor presumably inherent in the situation. Because, per Second Law, should the universe not grind to a halt and then implode?

Enter Infinite Quest for Potential.  Q4P overrides any forces working counter to universe-advance.


The Randomness crew presents an aimless universe. But, per the Second Law, an aimless universe with no central dynamic pushing it onward, should implode or dissipate.

The Second Law thus drives an additional stake into the heart of Randomness Formulation. [Can one indeed, drive a stake into an aimless proposition?]


If no Q4P, no universe rocking and rolling for 14 billion years.

Second Law clearly sustains Potentialism Theory, while it clearly invalidates the Randomness Formulation.


As per Wiki, the Second Law very specifically applies to 'isolated systems' and not to 'dynamics'. Thus, Second Law does not address dynamics like Quest for Potential∞ - or Evolution;

If Second Law applied to dynamics, Evolution itself - the treasured and beloved dynamic of the Randomness crew - would fall under Second Law attack.


But, if Second Law is (mistakenly and egregiously) applied, as well, to dynamics, would Potentialism Theory, indeed, fall under attack?
NO, for several unequivocal reasons:

  1. Potentialism Theory is radically more encompassing than Second Law Theory,
    and thus trumps the latter; in science, the more all-encompassing theory has the winning edge.
  2. Second Law is predicated on discrete empirical observation, not axiomatic proof. The onus is on Second Law to be consistent with the universe; not, vice versa.
  3. Potentialism Theory is -
    a) a Framing Concept of the entire Cosmic Order
    b) is predicated on potential observation of trillions of data points
    c) is predicated upon - and upheld by - Inductive Proof (see Inductive1000.com)
  4. Second Law is focused on energy /heat transfer; Second Law is not central to eternal origins and cosmology

(aa) Second Law is, if anything, a proof for Potentialism

(bb) The dynamic Infinite Quest for Potential cannot be attacked by a theory focusing on isolated systems
(and not focused on dynamics).

(cc) A well-vetted - and inductively proved - Universe Framing Concept - Potentialism Theory -
trumps a heat energy theory... a much lower tier theory


desperation & fabrication:
The Randomness junta, having failed since 1988 to find a single weak point in (their ultimate nemesis) Potentialism Theory, now contrives a new gambit: fabricate a weak point.

The fact that members of the Randomness cheering squad carp in unison about the Second Law, is simply a desperation gambit of 'projection': Project your own (fatal) flaw onto your adversary, and perhaps the audience will be distracted by your bluster - from focusing on your own (fatal) weakness.

'snow the public':
The Second Law has exposed yet another fatal flaw in the Randomness formulation. The Randomness defensive tactic? Go on the offensive and 'snow the public'. Sing in unison fake news that Potentialism is at-risk from Second Law.

'red herring':
Maybe if enough members of the Randomness team parrot the nonsense in unison - enough times - trusting observers will miss the disingenuous 'red herring ' (distraction) gambit - and the cynical (deliberate) perversion of rudimentary science.

standard cocktail
The Randomness crew offers up its standard cocktail of fancy credentials and fake-science acrobatics. Bluster and bombast included in-the-mix.

bogus boys
Attempting to disingenuously deploy Second Law as a (bogus) battering ram against Summa/Potentialism is bizarre, to say the least, and pitifully fails, in any event...

‘Bottom Line’

If anything, Second Law is a support for Potentialism Theory.

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