November 20, 2014

Singularity Article. Our favorite cosmologist David Birnbaum  offers a philosophy, metaphysics embracing religion, spirituality and secularism.  No cosmologist except David Birnbaum has offered a  philosophy, metaphysics s all-embracing and unified. See David Birnbaum Aristotle.

The Singularity of the Big Bang:

David Birnbaum’s Summa Metaphysica

By Mark Davis

According to all-concerned – mainstream physics/astrophysics as well as Potentialism aficionados – the Big Bang burst forth from the 'Singularity' – a point of infinite density.

But where did the 'Singularity' come from – and why? What is happening here?

Mainstream physics essentially has 'no clue.'

What would cause this Singularity to burst forth into what we consider the universe? This is where physics loses its way.

It happened, but why did it happen? What was the catalyst? What ‘reality’ preceded it?

Deploying Potentialism Theory (aka Quest for Potential Theory aka Q4P-Theory) to hypothesize what happened, Birnbaum gives us the '0'-Point Portal. The '0'-Point Portal gives us a metaphysical understanding of the pathway of the Singularity. Potentialism delineates/hypothesizes not only the what but the why.

Potentialism Theory (1988, 2005, 2014) of metaphysicist David Birnbaum deals with this crucial issue seamlessly. See

Per Birnbaum, the Singularity was the inflection point between a purely metaphysical cosmic order, and the introduction of a physical universe – our own. It is, according to Summa Metaphysica, the metaphysical realm making its bid for actualization, and ultimate Potential. It was, in other words, the ‘Great Escape.’ The metaphysical realm had plotted its escape – from out of the void – and into an ever-expanding physical universe of its own ongoing creation.

Per Birnbaum, the Singularity/Big Bang was the optimally-perceived modality/route/play for the metaphysical to launch its escape; the plan was to create a dynamic platform (our expanding universe) to play-out its fullest Potential (actualization and realization); it was perceived by the metaphysical realm as the optimal play/pathway towards maximum/optimal Potential.
To this very day, the ‘Great Escape’ unfolds. To this very day, the extraordinary cosmic drama unfolds as our physical universe gobbles-up metaphysical space.

From Summa’s overarching metaphysical perspective, the Big Bang is the ‘launch’ of the suis generis Singularity from the metaphysical > physical via the ‘0’-Point Portal gateway; in contemporary times, the unfolding physical – now with complex life forms on-board – is now ever-expanding into the void, creating new universe-space for Potential realization.

We are aware of the basic contours of the (Big Bang) denouement; we are not aware of the stages – lasting perhaps eons – which led up to ‘launch.’ For our part, we are not so brave as to speculate on the details.

And just where is this all heading? It is all heading enroute towards fullest Complexification or C+; Meaning? Complexification is ever-ascending complexity/sophistication/richness/integration/variety/wondrousness.
And what is the ultimate goal/horizon?
It is the hypothesized Extraordinariation (E+ for short) – optimal super-Complexification.
In other words, Extraordinariation is ultimate horizon/goal of potential realization – see [Deep breath. No one said this would be easy.]

The Singularity is the ‘cosmic engine of change’ which emerges from the Birnbaum–hypothesized ‘0’ Point Portal. The Singularity launches through the ‘0’-Point Portal ‘bridge/portal’ and traverses from metaphysical to physical.

As well, the Singularity itself morphs from metaphysical to physical. Meaning, we only see the physical end-point ‘face of the singularity; we do not see the embryonic genesis stages, presumably more metaphysical than physical.

The denouement is, indeed, the Genesis Point/Big Bang > our unfolding universe.

See and

The elegance of the '0'-Point Portal hypothesis lies within its natural and elegant flow within the context of Potentialism Theory (aka Quest for Potential Theory aka Q4P-Theory). The theory posits ever-ascending ‘potentialization’ arcing from out-of-time onto time (see

Thus, the Summa-hypothesized ‘0’-Point Portal potentially ‘solves’/resolves several metaphysical/scientific conundrums: (See also

a) What is the origin of time?
b) Where/how did Physical reality emerge from?
c) What is the Singularity?
d) What was the catalyst of the Singularity?
e) Was there a purpose to the Singularity?

Via ‘0’-Point Portal hypothesis, yet once again, Summa proposes a simultaneous solution to a cluster of ‘problems’: (See also

a) Time originates with ‘reality’ post-Singularity
b) Physical reality emerges from the '0'-Point Portal (aka the Genesis Point).
c) The Singularity is the construct of the metaphysical realms to make-its-bid for fuller actualization/realization via the ‘physical world.’
d) The metaphysical realms ached-for actualization; the Singularity was their bid to launch a physical/universe platform for reality
e) The evolvement of ever-greater Potential-actualization.

The universe ever-increases in complexity (more precisely, via intermediate dynamic Complexification) as it seeks an ultimate, end goal of super-complexity which Birnbaum calls Extraordinariation. See

The reason mainstream physics misses the mark isn't a lack of talent, it's a lack of conceptual tools. The (greater) Cosmic Order is metaphysical. Our own universe, a physical-reality entity, is only a part of the totality of reality.

In the absence of an overarching metaphysics, contemporary physicists are stuck in the physical. Contemporary physics is simply insufficient in its breadth to fully answer such questions about why the universe is as it is, or how it got here, or where it is headed.

To re-cap, per Birnbaum, the universe reverberates from the metaphysical to the physical; the inflection point is the Singularity of the Big Bang. The arc is from Infinite (infinitely dense ‘Singularity’) to the ascending finite (e.g. Mankind) and, again towards the Infinite – ultimate super-complexity and extraordinary – Birnbaum’s hypothesized Extraordinariation state. See

Potentialism Theory: Dovetailing: MIT & NYU

Recent hi-level academic works dovetailing with Birnbaum's Potentialism Theory:

Programming the Universe (Knopf, 2006) by Professor of Quantum Mechanics Seth Lloyd of MIT;
Mind & Cosmos (Oxford Press, 2012) by Professor of Philosophy & Law Thomas Nagel of NYU;
Our Mathematical Universe (Knopf, 2014) by Professor of Physics Max Tegmark of MIT.
See xMIT1000 and see Checkmate.

See for Kabbalistic parallel to the above.


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