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Summa Metaphysica's embedded Kabbalah matrix

Three-volume Summa Metaphysica (1988, 2005, 2014) by David Birnbaum presents a universal and fully-integrated metaphysics – via 3 lenses- Religious/Spiritual/Secular. SeeTheoryCore.com.

Summa Theory (aka Potentialism Theory) is a unified -theodicy/theology/theogony/philosophy/cosmology/metaphysics/teleology
and it competes on the world stage for pre-eminence on that basis. See Unifying1000.com.

The ‘unification’ is achieved via just one hypothesized concept: Infinite Quest for Potential
See Glossary1000.com.

However, embedded just one layer beneath the pristine metaphysical surface of 3-volume Summa Metaphysica is a powerful and elegant neo-kabbalistic matrix traversing the entire series.
See Summametaphysica.com/first-summa-reviews/.

Summa I presented a unified metaphysics with a strong kabbalistic underlying motif – as the core underlying metaphysics of the series. As per the title, Summa Metaphysica I: Religious Man: God and Evil, the first volume is presented through a religious lens.
See MetaphysicalAnchoring.com.

The Summa Metaphysica work has been described as a 21st Century Kabbalah. Indeed, a strong case can be made to that effect. See www.Summametaphysica.com/modern-kabbalah/

Summa Metaphysica I: Religious Man: God and Evil (Ktav,1988) pivots off-of Lurianic Kabbalah; Summa draws direct parallels between Isaac Luria’s En Sof (the Lurianic No End primordial Divine) and Summa’s proposed Infinite Quest for Potential. See Summametaphysica.com/lurianic1000/.

Note that Isaac Luria (1534-1572) aka the sainted ARI was a rabbinic/mystic of Safed, Galilee, Palestine.

The same Summa volume pivots-off of Lurianic tzimtzum (Divine contraction);Summa draws direct parallels between Luria’s tzimtzum, and Summa’s proposed contraction of here-and-now Divine consciousness.

Summa II, Section 2: Gods 120 Guardian Angels (i.e. Potentials) is actually pivoting-off of (non-Lurianic, albeit) kabbalistic Ten Sefirot (emanations of God through which God reveals Himself). More precisely, the Ten Sefirot are the progenitors of the myriad of Potentials of the universe.

Over the course of the 3-volume series, Summa makes-the-case for a teleology (cosmic purpose/direction). Per Summa, the universe quests after ever-greater advance and elevation. Of course, this parallels the iconic Kabbalistic theme of Tikkun Olam.

Tikkun Olam is typically positioned as repairing a flawed universe; Summa would not negate that contemporary interpretation, but would point out that there are other important classic streams in kabbalistic thought fully in-tune with Summa’s thrust of perfecting an incomplete universe.

Cosmic SuperLaw:

The Summa proposed metaphysical SuperLaw cosmic equation is: Q4P > C+ > E+.

This translates to: Infinite Quest for Potential seeks-after Complexification which seeks-after Extraordinariation (see Glossary1000.com)

Infinite Quest for Potential is the eternal dynamic
Complexification = the drive for ever-greater complexity/sophistication/richness/integration/diversity/wondrousness
Extraordinariation = the cosmic goal/horizon of super-Complexification, or in a nutshell, Cosmic Perfection


In turn, these Summa concepts are tethered one layer beneath the surface (scientific/metaphysical) construct of Summa Metaphysica to the following (primarily) Kabbalistic motifs as-follows

embedded Kabbalistic matrix SuperLaw:

En Sof > Eheyeh asher Eheyeh > Sefirot > Tikkun Olam

Meaning, En Sof(No End)
seeks-after (biblical) Eheyeh asher Eheyeh (I am the God of Potential)
which seeks-after (Lurianic Kabbalistic) Sefirot (Divine emanations, manifestations)
which seek-after (Kabbalistic) Tikkun Olam (perfection of the universe).

or, in English only –

The No End
seeks-after the God of Potential,
which seeks-after manifestations of the Divine,
which seek-after perfection of the universe.

Simultaneous Solution:

The above construct then simultaneously resolves the following classic hitherto intractable and hitherto unresolved –
Metaphysical/Cosmological/Philosophical/Theological Problems/Dilemmas/Issues:
[See Unifying1000.com]

Origins of the Divine (Theogony) is explicated.
Infinite Possibility/Potential [En Sof] emerges as the core of the Divine; the Divine of Potential [Eheyeh asher Eheyeh] in-turn creates the universe.
[ See also https://www.potentialismtheory.com/eternal-origins-english/.]

Purpose of Mankind is explicated:
to seek after one's maximal Potential [see Sefirot]
[See also ExaminerPurpose.com.]

Direction of the universe (Teleology) is explicated:
Quest for Perfection / Maximal Potential [Tikkun Olam].
[See www.summametaphysica.com/nagel-birnbaum/.]

Theodicy (Problem of Evil) is potentially resolved:
There is Divine contraction [biblical Hester; Lurianic Kabbalah tzimtzum] to yield Mankind ever-greater Freedom and concomitant Potential. The Divine core of Potential/ Possibility [Eheyeh asher Eheyeh] over-rides and trumps the imperative to quash Evil.
[Articulately presented by Drob in Summametaphysica.com/modern-kabbalah/ noted above.]

– from the Summa Metaphysica website

Summa Metaphysica 1 - God and Evil
Summa Metaphysica 2 - God and Good
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21st century Kabbalah
Unified Theodicy / Theology / Philosophy
the Summa Metaphysica embedded Kabbalah matrix

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