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July 10, 2014


We love cosmologist David Birnbaum, whose  philosophy, metaphysics may transform the world. See David Birnbaum Theory of Everything.

David Birnbaum’s Metaphysics:

The Superlaw of Potentialism

By Garem

See how cosmologist David Birnbaum's philosophy, metaphysics is shaking-up the academic philosophy world. See David Birnbaum NY.

Q4P > E+: The overarching dynamic of the Cosmic Order

The Quest for Infinite Potential is a ground-breaking, theory of cosmology for the 21st Century. Envisioned by private scholar and metaphysicist David Birnbaum, its principles are laid out in the three part series, Summa Metaphysica I, II and III (Ktav, 1988; New Paradigm Matrix, 2005; New Paradigm Matrix, 2014). See

Birnbaum states that the universe is driven by an inherent need to grow ever increasingly more Complexification – more complex/sophisticated/varied/wondrous.
This Complexification (shorthand notation: C+) is driven by one simple ‘axiom’:
Quest for Potential seeks-after Extraordinariation, or symbolically by formula:
Q4P > E+.

This overarching dynamic expresses that the Quest for Infinite Potential (Q4P) in all things in the universe follows a scripted path towards Extraordinariation (E+). E+ itself Birnbaum describes as the ultimate state of Complexification.

Birnbaum uses his coined term of Complexification to distinguish it from mere complexity. (Simple) complexity is an expression of the mechanistic complexity of a system – the workings of molecular bonding, the organic complexity of living entities, etc. Complexification covers both measurable complexity as well as more abstract complexity – human emotion, reason, spirituality, altruism, etc. But the very nature of the Potential dynamic lends itself to be both the foundations of Cosmic Law as well as the Cosmic Drive (see

Potentialism is the central drive of the cosmos. It permeates every facet of existence. It is omnipresent and it is pervasive. From the formation of life to the more abstract formation of reason and art, it’s hand in creation can always be witnessed. Birnbaum states that the universe continually changes and that change is governed by the Quest for Infinite Potential. It is not only a universal, infinite drive – but it is the only drive. There is nothing in the universe that cannot be explained in terms of Potential-driven Complexification. But the very nature of Potential begs the question as to the origins of the laws themselves which govern the universe.

As discussed, Potential not only drives Complexification, but it does so with intention – towards universal Extraordinariation. That much can be seen by simply observing the direction of evolution as well as unfolding complexity on a day to bay basis. From the spitting of cells, to the birth of a child, to the growing, higher reasoning of a developing human. More interesting though, is observing Complexification unfolding within the laws of the universe itself. It begs the question – How is the nature of mathematics, physics, chemistry and biology just perfect to allow complexity to unfold as it needs to?

The answer is profound in its simplicity. The laws of physics, like every other thing in the universe, are driven by Potential as well. To put it simply, the laws are optimized because, as a rule of Potentialism, they must be. There was never an alternative because the universe itself, as a whole, must strive towards Extraordinariation. It cannot seek a “near perfect” level of Extraordinariation – that will never suffice. Only one end-goal will do – perfect Extraordinariation however elusive that horizon-goal might be.

If the atomic forces were any stronger or weaker, atoms could not have formed properly. If atoms bonded differently, the necessary molecular structures we see now could not have been created – thus humanity could not have existed. But humanity itself is a necessary stepping stone in cosmic evolution. So humanity had to happen. Potential follows Extraordinariation, there is no runner up or secondary path that will do.

To Potentialists, the laws of the universe are without exception and immutable. They are eternal and unchanging. That is the nature of Potentialism itself. When speaking of great changes in the universe, it may seem this rule can be broken – but this is not so. Think instead of cosmic law like a legal code – a constitution governing the universe itself. The laws themselves are permanent and unchanging. But like humans who draft a constitution, Potential has left the ability for amendments. The reasoning is the same for a human drafted constitution. It is foreseen that, in the future, situations may arise never envisioned when the original laws were drafted. For instance, it the time before molecules, it was not necessary to have a law beyond that which governed the formation of atoms.

As such, the universe leaves itself free to add new laws in response to ever increasing complexity. When the universe gelled below Planck values, physics split and crafted the laws of gravity and quantum mechanics. When temperatures cooled enough for particles to become atoms, atomic laws was born; when the environment was ready for the formation of molecules, thus was born the rules governing molecular bonding; and when human evolution has was sufficiently advanced, thus was born the laws governing art and reason and emotion (see

It is the pervasive nature of Potential that gives it the ability to hide in plain sight. When something is so intrinsic in the universe, on so fundamental a level, it is easily overlooked. But Potential is both the drive for cosmic Complexification as well as the creator of the laws which govern the universe itself. It is the beginning and the end, the alpha and the omega, the drive of Potential and the distant realization of Extraordinariation (see


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