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The catalyst/igniter/driver of the cosmic order: Quest for Potential (Q4P)

Birnbaum proposes an original concept as the missing key to understanding the cosmic drama. He proposes his signature concept that Potential is the eternal cosmic dynamic. More precisely, Birnbaum proposes that Quest for Potential (infinitely iterating) is the eternal cosmic dynamic. This dynamic works its way forward over the billions of eons towards first igniting our universe and eventually – down the road – catalyzing the emergence of higher-level consciousness human beings within it.

The core theme of David Birnbaum’s works is that one elegant dynamic and one elegant dynamic, alone (Quest for Potential) both instigates and drives the entire cosmic order. According to the conceptual theorist “Potentialism proposes that there is, indeed, a protagonist to the cosmic order, but that the protagonist is a ‘quest,’ and not a ‘classic entity.’ The universe quests for its maximal potential. The core dynamic Quest for Potential strives with purpose and direction towards ever-greater and higher potential. At the ‘beginning of time,’ eternal Quest for Potential harnessed the (primordial) eternal portion of the (primordial) eternal equations of Physics-Mathematics to ignite our universe via the Big Bang. Note that the works of MIT quantum physicist Seth Lloyd (2006) dovetail with the Summa Metaphysica series (1988, 2005, 2014).

This same symbiotic dynamic – Quest for Potential in league with Physics-Math – then acted as a catalyst for the route tracking-forwards to high level humans in the 21st Century – tracking forward from the Big Bang thru the emergence of the Elements, primordial star systems, myriad galaxies, supernovas, the sun, our solar system, life, photosynthesis, DNA, organisms, sexual reproduction, multi-cellular life, the Cambrian Explosion, amphibians, forests, reptiles, mammals, dinosaurs, birds, flowers, evolution, hominids, homo sapiens, and ever-increasing consciousness/emotion – and, indeed, for all the key dynamics which have evolved in the universe.”

Birnbaum develops his proposal over his 3-book treatise, but the guts of the theory is simple enough: Potential drives the cosmic order.

His metaphysics is flexible enough to embrace Religious Man, Spiritual Man and Secular Man. To Religious Man, Infinite Divine Potential is the core of classic God; to Spiritual Man, Infinite divine Potential is the overarching spirit and drive of the cosmic order; to Secular Man, Quest for Potential is the cosmic mechanism. Birnbaum develops the Religious Man schema in Summa Metaphysica I: God and Evil (Ktav Publishing 1988); he develops Spiritual Man in Summa Metaphysica II: God and Good (New Paradigm Matrix 2005); and he develops Secular Man in Summa Metaphysica III: Secular Man (New Paradigm Matrix, 2014).

To Birnbaum, Infinite Potential is the ‘prime mover,’ the catalyst and sustainer for life. Infinite Potential defines and drives the universe. It lies at the nexus of where science, philosophy and spirituality co-exist.



The ultimate cosmic goal: Extraordinariation

The ultimate cosmic goal is profound

Quest for Potential is probing and searching for

...the elusive Extraordinariation

ultimate –

grandeur…elegance…beauty…symmetry…fulfillment....consciousness…harmony…artistry… symphony…spirituality...perfection…humanitarianism…romancing… love…parenting...meaning...altruism…mercy…

– plus possibilities and potentials as yet not precisely known either to us
to Quest for Potential itself

In combination, the possible outermost-limit realization of the myriad potentials above –
both the known and unknown – would define the extraordinaration goal.

In parallel to the concept of Infinity,

extraordnariation is a goal to be sought, but conceptually not ever quite-fully realized.


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