Not Too Much, Not Too Little

Page 66

Money is important but it is not everything in your life. As if you are rich, you will not be satisfied with the amount of money you have now, because there is never too much money. You will aim for more and more money. It goes the same to versatility as well. For example, you think that you are smart and talented. But, if you don’t keep practicing your skills and understanding the world, you will be lack in versatility. 

There is never too much versatility or money.

There is never too little humility or thriftiness.


not to keep more money

than you actually need

at the moment in public view – 

as many will seek to relieve you of it

or turn it against you.

돈 또는 융통성을 갖는것에는 부족함이 없다. 

인간성 또는 다산성을 갖는것에는 부족함이 없다. 


객관적으로, 어떤상황에서 너의 필요이상의 돈을 

가지려 하지말아라

많은 사람들이 그것을 덜어주려 하거나

너에대해 등을 돌릴것이다.

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