Primordial Cosmic Realms*
working hypothesis

1) Potential/Possibility is eternal**

1a) But what is the catalyst morphing
(seemingly passive) Potential into (pro-active) Quest for Potential (Q4P)?
[ this is the 'forbidden zone', as you are all aware ]

2) Primordial (potential/possibility-oriented) Quantum Mechanics (QM)***
jump-starts (eternal) Potential into → Quest for Potential∞ (Q4P)

This 'quest' will have both intentionality and ~instinct intelligence

3) As Q4P develops, it kicks-butt both primordial Quantum Mechanics and
primordial Classic Physics to advance-forward.....ongoing

4) In due course, Q4P will deploy/harness both (pre-Big Bang primordial)
Quantum Mechanics (QM) and (pre-Big Bang primordial) Classic Physics
- to split 'ZERO' - and ignite our universe via the Big Bang.... the Genesis Point.


*    before our universe was even created
**  As noted, BY DEFINITION....Self-Evident
*** In our deployment of QM in primordial realms we are focusing on the classic 'possibility' aspect of QM;
in our deployment of QM via a' vis Evolution we are focusing on the Wheeler/Lloyd 'bit-build-out aspect of QM.

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