And how did  philosopher David Birnbaum get involved with  teleology and Cosmic code cracking?  Does David Birnbaum lance astrophysics as well?

Why does the British atheist academic establishment get a  nervous breakdown from David Birnbaum philosopher - cosmologist?

Iterating universe? For sure, see juxtaposition Seth  Lloyd physicist and David Birnbaum philosopher. See Birnbaum's Theory of Everything.

 See Birnbaum's Theory of Everything.   Philosophy master? Is the David Birnbaum Teleology - A unified formulation?  An integrated theodicy - meytaphysics - cosmology?

See also paradigm challenger philosopher David Birnbaum, author  Summa Metaphysica. The David Birnbaum philosophy cracks the cosmic code.

See  cosmologist - metaphysicist  David Birnbaum,  Conceptual Theorist  in philosophy, teleology, cosmogony,  universal Cosmic consciousness. .......

Can an Outsider bring down the entire global philosophical establishment? Have you seen iconoclast  philosopher david birnbaum's  treatise?

Investigate controversial Summa Metaphysica philosophy and cosmology and teleology - and theodicy ?  Why is the  David Birnbaum triumphant?

Why is the David Birnbaum teleology - philosophy important ? See the  cosmic tool kit, theodicy, philosophy of  David Birnbaum?

Is this David Birnbaum philosophy the Ultimate metaphysical simultaneous solution,  ultimate and bona fide Theory of Everything?

You should Google  controversial cosmologist david birnbaum philosophy on aristotle, lurianic kabballah, synthesizing Science & Religion.

   See  conceptual breakthrough Summa Metaphysica by cosmologist  David Birnbaum's  philosophy and teleology on  Darwinian evolution.



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